The Control Research Laboratory (CRL) is centered in the Department of Electrical Engineering at The Ohio State University. There are additional faculty in the Departments of Mechanical, Aeronautical and Astronautical, and Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, and the Department of Mathematics. The group in Electrical Engineering consists of the faculty listed below, several faculty visitors, post-doctoral students, research scientists, approximately thirty five graduate students and undergraduates working on design projects.


We offer a very broad range of courses in control from the most basic undergraduate ones to linear systems, digital control, optimal control, nonlinear control, sliding mode control, decentralized control, stochastic control, robust control, adaptive control, intelligent control, etc. We have two educational laboratories:


We have funded research activities in many of these and other areas. For a description of research see our 1995 Activity Report or see the web pages of the faculty members listed below. We have several research laboratories and one center:

OSU Control Workshop:

The Control Research Laboratory sponsors the OSU Control Workshop. The technical programs for two workshops are given below:

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering CRL Faculty

Prof. Jose B. Cruz Jr.
Office: 152 Hitchcock, Ph: 614-292-2936,

Prof. Robert E. Fenton (emeritus)
Office: 208 Dreese Lab, Ph: 614-292-4310,

Prof. Hooshang Hemami
Office: 203 Caldwell Lab, Ph: 614-292-2848,

Prof. Robert J. Mayhan (emeritus)
Office: 212 Dreese Lab, Ph: 614-292-0495,

Prof.Hitay Özbay
Office: 404 Dreese Lab, Ph: 614-292-1347,

Prof. Ümit Özgüner
Office: 412 Dreese Lab, Ph: 614-292-5940,

Prof. Kevin M. Passino
Office: 416 Dreese Lab, Ph: 614-292-5716,

Prof. Vadim Utkin
Office: 460 Dreese Lab, Ph: 614-292-6115,

Prof. Stephen Yurkovich
Office: 408 Dreese Lab, Ph: 614-292-2586,

Prof. Yuan F. Zheng
Office: 664 Dreese Lab, Ph: 614-292-2571,