Department of Electrical Engineering

Autonomous Vehicles Laboratory

This laboratory is used for the construction of a variety of autonomous vehicles including: Pictures of each of these are provided below.

Autonomous Carts

The following carts have been developed as senior design projects:

Autonomous Robotics Transporter (ART)

One long-term program presently underway is the development of an Autonomous Robotics Transporter (ART). ART is an electric golf cart, being fitted with sensing and steering instrumentation so as to navigate autonomously.

Automated Highway Systems

A flexible Multi-Vehicle Test-Bed, especially for Automated Highway System (AHS) studies is being developed at TRC. The vehicles (presently, two cars donated by Honda) will have an abundance of sensors, both for the car engine and dynamics and for car-roadside and car-to-car investigations. A radar system to "see" a stripe on the road, and a related steering system is being developed. Studies ranging from vehicle dynamics to fault tolerant control, vision systems to GPS are underway.

For more details on AHS research at OSU see the web page for the OSU Center for Intelligent Transportation Research.

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