1996 OSU Control Workshop

April 13, 1996

Since 1983 the Control Research Laboratory has sponsored the O.S.U. Control Workshop. This workshop was an annual event until 1994. Starting 1996 it will be held every other year. It is a two-day gathering of control groups from universities in Ohio and neighboring states, and from local industry. It provides an informal exchange of ideas and recent developments in control research and is particularly geared toward involvement of graduate students. Recent meetings have typically involved about 80 participants from various universities including Air Force Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, Case Western University, Cleveland State University, University of Cincinnati, Indiana University, University of Illinois, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, University of Notre Dame, University of Pittsburgh, Purdue University, University of Toledo, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Washington University, and Wayne State University. Below, is the preliminary program for the 1996 Workshop.

Preliminary Program

Opening Plenary
Jürgen Ackermann, Director, Institute for Robotics and System Dynamics, DLR, German Aerospace Research Establishment

9:30 Morning Break (Coffee, Tea and Donuts)

Morning Session: Dr. Dan Repperger, Armstrong Laboratory, WPAFB, Chair
Michael Zierolf, University of Cincinnati
Tim Murphy, ABB and The Ohio State University
Rayadurgam Ravikanth, The University of Illinois
Nathan White, Air Force Institute of Technology
Kuang-Yang Huang, University of Cincinnati
Martin Sommerville, The Ohio State University

11:50 Lunch and Laboratory Tours (Buffet style lunch, served on site)

Mid-Afternoon Session: Dr. Jeff Donne, Cegelec Automation, Inc., Chair
A. E. Rundell, Purdue University
Raul Ordonez, The Ohio State University
Debbie Carter, University of Cincinnati
Brad Yerashunas, The University of Akron
Jianguo Wu, University of Cincinnati
Jin Yang, The Ohio State University

3:30 Afternoon Break (Coffee, Tea and Soft Drinks)

Afternoon Session: Dr. Dave Schoenwald, Oakridge National Laboratory, Chair
Brian Shu, University of Illinois
David S. Ortiz, University of Michigan
Anju Bahri, University of Cincinnati
Jason McKay, Air Force Institute of Technology
Chen De-Shiou, The Ohio State University