Kevin M. Passino





Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Director of the Center for Energy, Sustainability, and Environment (CESE)

Current Research:

  1. Interdisciplinary engineering-social sciences research on systems and control theory/engineering for human social systems, especially complex and large scale "sociotechnical" dynamical systems (applications in social work, economic, and political systems).
  2. Interdisciplinary engineering-biology research on distributed decision-making systems (e.g., with a focus on honeybees): Organizer, workshop on Systems Biology of Decision Making, in the Mathematical Bioengineering Program, NSF Mathematical Biosciences Institute, Invited speaker at Santa Fe Institute (SFI) workshop on Collective Decision Making: From Neurons to Societies, (see "Building Smart Groups" by T. Seeley in the SFI Bulletin).

Current Education and Service:

  1. Book: Humanitarian Engineering: Creating Technologies That Help People
  2. Humanitarian Engineering course
  3. OSU Humanitarian Engineering
  4. Engineers for Community Service (ECOS) (faculty advisor, since 2004).
  5. weLab: Low-Cost Engineering Laboratory Project (university development program, since 2002).
  6. Community Technology Clinic
  7. Scholarship in Engineering for Social Justice: A Practitioner's Forum
  8. ECE 3080 / ECE 7080 Enginering Ethics (undergraduate course since 1991, graduate course proposed to first be offered Autumn 2014) covering professionalism, ethics, and social justice.
  9. Other related activities (talks, publications, conference, etc.).

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