Kevin M. Passino

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mathematical Biosciences Institute

Director of the Humanitarian Engineering Center

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Current Research

Interdisciplinary engineering-social sciences / medical research on feedback control for complex dynamical systems, especially in mental health and humanitarian/development engineering:

  • Methods: Modeling, computational analysis (simulations/statistical), technology interventions/solutions, and mathematical approaches (feedback control theory, stability analysis, optimization, and evolutionary game theory).
  • Cooperation (common theme, current/past): stable coordinated motion (e.g., animal and robot swarms in 2/3d), optimal social foraging (honeybees, group search), social choice (speed-accuracy tradeoff in honeybees), social allocation (in computer networks, group robotics, animal groups), distributed synchronization, cooperative task scheduling/attention, distributed assignment/concensus, and collective optimization. See here.
  • Application areas:
    • e-Mental Health: stress reduction, emotion regulation, attention (ADHD), mood disorders (depression, bipolar illness). EEG and heart rate variability (HRV) signals. Auto-generation of music and video. Apps, web sites, psychoeducation and bio-signal driven musical + virtual reality treatments. See link above
    • Humanitarian/development engineering, sociotechnological systems.