Kevin M. Passino




Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Director of the Humanitarian Engineering Center

Current Research: Interdisciplinary engineering-social sciences research on systems and feedback control theory/engineering, stability analysis, optimization, and game theory for human social, economic, and political systems; group dynamics and decision making (e.g., for communities); design and evaluation of complex, large scale, and distributed "sociotechnological" dynamical systems that involve groups of humans using technologies. Applications of all these to humanitarian engineering.

Other Current Activities:

  1. Book: Humanitarian Engineering: Creating Technologies That Help People (free download)
  2. Humanitarian Engineering (on-line) course
  3. Computational Humanitarianism course
  4. iSTEM: International Inclusive STEM Education
  5. Colaboración Guatemala project
  6. Engineers for Community Service (ECOS) (faculty advisor)
  7. Community Technology Clinic
  8. Scholarship in Engineering for Social Justice: A Practitioner's Forum
  9. ECE 3080 / ECE 7080 Enginering Ethics (undergraduate course since 1991, graduate course first offered Autumn 2014) covering professionalism, ethics, and social justice. Interested in engineering ethics in humanitarian engineering (e.g., cross-cultural and cross-socioeconomic class issues).

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