Courses Taught


ECE 351 Signals and Systems I

ECE 352 Signals and Systems II

ECE 3557 Control Systems Laboratory (supervisor only, TA-run entirely so contact the TA)

ECE 3080 Ethics in Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE 551 Introduction to Control Systems

ECE 650 Introduction to Estimation

ENGR 5050 Humanitarian Engineering

ECE 682P Experimental Biomimicry for Distributed Control

ECE 682P Humanitarian Technology Challenge

ECE 754 Nonlinear Systems

ECE 5557 Control System Implementation Laboratory

ECE 5759 Optimization for Static and Dynamic Systems

ECE 7080 Engineering Ethics and Professionalism

ECE 851 Stochastic Control

ECE 852 Adaptive Control

ECE 7858 Feedback Contol for Automation of Helping People (was "Intelligent Control")


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