Dept. of Electrical Engineering
The Ohio State University

EE 852 Adaptive Control

Instructor: Prof. Kevin Passino (passino [at]

Office Hours:Anytime and by appointment

Prerequisites: EE 752, EE 754, EE 750, EE 755 (EE 850 would also be helpful)

Course Content:

  1. Introduction to adaptive systems
  2. Motivation for adaptive control
  3. Identification: Gradient, Least squares
  4. Identifier stability, persistency of excitation
  5. Model reference identifiers
  6. Model reference adaptive control (direct and indirect schemes)
  7. Stability of adaptive control systems
  8. Issues in robustness of adaptive control systems

The course will involve (i) the study of theoretical foundations of adaptive systems and (ii) use of the computer for simulation and analysis of adaptive systems.

The objective will be to gain a "hands-on" working knowldege of the main techniques of adaptive control and an introduction to robust adaptive control.