Version History

Version 4.3 (6-14-13)

Changed to default option optEM.heavy_tailed = true and added the option optEM.robust_mat to handle cases when the sensing matrix gives issues.

Version 4.1 & 4.2 (6-05-13)

Various bugs and alterations were made to code:

Version 4.0 (1-15-13)

Added the EMGMAMP Model order selection (EM-GM-GAMP-MOS), which automatically selects the number of GM components L. To call simply use xhat = EMGMAMPMOS(y,A).

Version 3.0 (12-01-12)

Added option for estHist output. This structure contains per-iteration GAMP quantities such as the step size and the cost function.

Version 2.0 (4-18-12)

Updated for the Complex and MMV cases. Now code is included in the GAMP sourceforge package (See download section).

Version 1.1 (3-27-12)

Updated error checking and miscellaneous bugs.

Version 1.0 (3-19-12)

First release of the EM-GM-GAMP algorithm.

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