David E. Orin

Professor Emeritus
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The Ohio State University
2015 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210-1272 USA

Contact Information:
Office: 464 Dreese Laboratories
Phone: (614) 292-3064
Fax: (614) 292-7596
Email: lastname.1 (at) osu.edu
URL: http://www.ece.osu.edu/~orin/



Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1976.
Assistant Professor, Case Western Reserve University, 1976-80.
Assistant/Associate Professor, The Ohio State University, 1981-89.
Sabbatical Faculty, Sandia National Laboratories, 1996.
Professor, The Ohio State University, 1989-2009.
Professor Emeritus, The Ohio State University, 2009 - present.

Research Interests

- Robotics: humanoid dynamic walking and running, biped locomotion, dynamic maneuvers in legged locomotion, robot dynamics, quadruped galloping, walking machines, intelligent control, graphical simulation

Selected Publications

Professional Societies and Activities

Fellow, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Past President for 2014-2015, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
Chair, Nominations Committee, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
Long Range Planning Committee, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
Editorial Board, Springer Handbook of Robotics

Past Classes

ECE 261: Introduction to Logic Design
ECE 265: Introduction to Microprocesor-Based Systems
ECE 561: Digital Circuit Design
ECE 662: Theory and Design of Digital Computers
ECE 763: Introduction to Real-Time Robotics Systems

Personal Interests

Basketball, church fellowship, grandchildren, reading, travel


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