Non Linear RF Lab Facilities:

  • Large Signal Network Analyzer
  • Load Pull System
  • Deep Level Optical Spectroscopy
  • Pulsed IV System
  • MIMO FPGA Linearization Testbeds
  • Probe Stations with Thermal Chuck
  • Oscilloscopes

    Measurement Applications:

    The Nonlinear RF Lab was created in 2004 when Ohio State acquired under an AFOSR equipment grant, a large signal network analyzer (LSNA) for the vectorial characterization of the non-linear response of RF systems to periodic signals. A PNA-X NVNA was acquired in 2018. The LSNA and NVNA have the unique ability of measuring both the phase and amplitude of periodic RF signals of the fundamental and harmonics up to 50 GHz. The RF signals can be modulated or pulsed. 100,000 RF tones can be acquired allowing for UWB measurements of periodic signals. This LSNA equipment is the only one available in a US university. The LSNA and NVNA offer unique opportunities for the system identification of non-linear RF systems and the experimental verification of non-linear RF models. Current applications being pursued at OSU include (1) the development of accurate device and behavioral models of transistors and power-amplifiers, (2) the characterization of traps in GaN HEMTs and materials, (3) the interactive design of power amplifiers & oscillators using the real-time active loadpul concept and (4) the linearization of broadband RF power amplifiers. The LSNA acquired has also been specially configured to allow for the characterization of pulsed-RF and UWB systems.