Graduate Students, Post Doctoral Researchers, and Visiting Scholars

Listed below are Post Doctoral Researchers, Visiting Scholars, and my graduate students who are working on, or have completed, their PhD or MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Past colleagues are listed in order of completion of their degrees, research activity, or visits.

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Current Graduate Students:


Sri Harini Balaji

She is working on feedback control for stress reduction in children with trauma (with the Technology for Mental Health group).


Phillip Fishbein

Using child biodata for stressful event detection using machine learning methods


Deepika Giridhar

Sofware for racial sensitivity training for police.


Harshith Gunturu

Sofware for racial sensitivity training for police.





Current/Past Graduate Students, Mental Health:

See photos/information in current research group at Technology 4 Mental Health

Past Students:

Past Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Students:

Kevin L. Burgess, went to Law School, now a Patent Lawyer, TX


Jeffery L. Layne, Air Force Research Laboratory, WPAFB


Raul E. Ordonez, went to Rowan Univ. as Assist. Prof.; now, Full Prof., University of Dayton


Manfredi Maggiore, went to Univ. of Toronto as Assist. Prof., now Full Professor, University of Toronto

Yixin Diao, IBM Watson Research Center

Hazem N. Nounou, went to King Fahd Univ. of Petroleum and Mines as Assist. Prof.; now, Full Professor, Texas A&M University at Qatar
Yang Liu, Caterpillar Inc.

Veysel Gazi, went to Atilim University, Ankara, Turkey, as Assist. Prof.; now at Istanbul Marmara University
Alvaro Gil, Xerox Corp., Rochester NY
Yanfei Liu, Caterpillar Inc.
Nicanor Quijano, went to Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia, now a Full Professor
Jorge Finke, went to Universidad Pontificia Javeriana, Cali, Colombia, now an Assoc. Professor
Brandon J. Moore, went to do a Post Doc at Department of Automatic Control at the Grenoble Institute of Technology, France; then became a Research Fellow at the University of Michigan; was at Symbiotic Co.; now at MIT Lincoln Labs
Kevin M. Schultz, went to Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Ted Pavlic, after postdocs, tenure-track Assistant Professor, Arizona State University. TEDxASU talk "Be Undisciplined. Lose Your Innocence. Get to Work."
Zhongkui Wang, Autonomous Solutions Inc.

Luis Felipe Giraldo, Assistant Professor, Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia
Isabel Fernandez, Lecturer/teaching postion in OSU Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering
Hugo Gonzalez Villasanti, Postdoctoral Researcher, Crane Research Ctr., College of Education and Human Ecology

Past Visiting Scholars and Post Doctoral Researchers:

Manfredi Maggiore, Visiting Scholar from Univ. Genoa, Italy
(see above)
Alvaro Gil, Post Doctoral Researcher, OSU, 2003-2005

 (see above)

Yong Liu, Post Doctoral Researcher, from Univ. of Pittsburgh, went to Missouri Forge Inc., then Indiana University School of Medicine and now with GE Aviation
Jesus Lopez, Visiting Scholar from Univ. del Valle, Cali, Colombia, currently a professor at Autonoma Univ. in Cali, Colombia
Ian Hamilton, Post Doctroal Researcher (in collaboration with T. Waite), became a tenure-track Assistant Professor at the Depts. Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology and the Dept. of Mathematics, OSU
Andrew Nevai, Post Doctoral Researcher, with the OSU Mathematical Biosciences Institute, took tenure-track faculty position at University of Central Florida, Dept. Mathematics
Judy Day, Post Doctoral Researcher, with the OSU Mathematical Biosciences Institute and took tenure track faculty position at University of Tennessee in Knoxville
Andres Pantoja, Visiting Scholar from Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia, currently a professor at Universidad de Nariño, Pasto, Colombia
Wilfredo Alfonso, Visiting Scholar from Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia
Jinghui Suo, Visiting Scholar from China
Pablo Velasquez, Visiting Scholar from Venezuela


Past Master of Science (MSECE) Students:

 Jeffrey R. Layne
 (see above)
 Kevin L. Burgess
 (see above)
Alfonsus D. Lunardhi, Motorola, Austin, TX
 Anthony Angsana  
 Amit T. Magan, Ford Motor Co.  
 David Jenkins, Artesyn
 Vivek G. Moudgal, dSpace Inc.
 Eric G. Laukonen, Motorola (Phoenix, AZ)
 LaMoyne L. Porter, SC Solutions
Waihon Andrew Kwong, Graduate Student, Northwestern University, now working with on the Kindle
Sashonda R. Morris,went to GM, now with Glenayre Corp.  
Jeffrey T. Spooner, Control Subsystems Dept., Sandia National Labs
 Scott C. Brown, Caterpillar Inc., IL
Raul E. Ordonez
(see above)
 Jon Zumberge, Delphi Chassis Div. of GM  
 James R. Gremling, Lucent Technologies (or click here)
 William K. Lennon, Ericsson (or click here)
 Mustafa K. Guven, Caterpillar Inc., IL
 Hazem N. Nounou
 (see above)
 Veysel Gazi
 (see above)
Matthew M. Moore, Battelle, Cognitive Systems Group
 G. Andrew Bushong, Dupont
Mike Baum
Nicanor Quijano
(see above)
Sriram Ganapathy, went to Plug Power Inc., now with General Motors Corp., MI
Jorge Finke
(see above)
Brandon Moore
(see above)
Burt Andrews, went to PhD program at Johns Hopkins University, now with Bosch Corp., Pittsburgh
Doug Torzewski, Started a business in autonomous robots in Cleveland
Ted P. Pavlic
(see above)
Kevin M. Schultz
(see above)
Philip Najlepszy, GE Aviation, Cincinnati, OH
Zhongkui Wang, Ph.D. student OSU
(see above)
Jacob Lesch, GE Aviation, Cincinnati, OH
Fukui Xu, Mathworks, MA
Swanand Phadke, went to Bloomberg Financial, NY
Mehmet Inan, went to iGate Patni Computer Sytems Inc., then dSPACE Inc., MI, now with General Motors, Milford, MI
Abhijit Bansal, went to dSPACE Inc., MI
Nicholas Dodds, M.S. Student, got job with GE Aviation, Cincinnati
Saranya Ganapathy, M.S. student, got job with Cummins Engine, Columbus, IN
Taha Koroglu, MS student, in PhD program now at OSU in computer vision
Jose Velasquez, M.S. student, got job with Dematic, Grand Rapids, MI
Yingyi Hu, M.S. student, got job with Captora
Veronica Badescu, M.S. student
John Zakelj, M.S. student, Layer Zero Power Systems Inc., Cleveland OH
Jiacheng (Johnny) Tang, M.S. student, continued PhD at OSU

Sri Harini Balaji

GE, in Pittsburgh

To my past students who may be browsing: If I do not show a picture of you above then please send me one!

Miscellaneous Pictures:


Party at Kevin and Anne's house, Summer 2000 (Manuel, Elizabeth, Carina, Kevin, Juliana, Alvaro, Genesis, Huihui, Jacob, Yang, Ye, Yixin, Veysel, Manfredi, Hazem; Anne took the picture):


At the American Control Conference, Chicago, June 2000 (Yang, Raul, Veysel, Hazem, Manfredi):

Out for dinner in Columbus, during a visit by Profs. Ordonez and Maggiore, April 2001:

Out for dinner in Washington, DC, at the American Control Conference, June 2001 (Raul, Oscar Gonzalez, Alvaro, Manfredi, Veysel, Kevin):

Going to lunch on High Street, Autumn 2001 (Sriram, Doug, Jorge, Kevin, Nicanor, Mike, Yanfei, Alvaro, Veysel):

At the IEEE Conf. on Decision and Control, Orlando, Florida, Dec. 2001 (Veysel, Manfredi, Raul, Kevin, Yang)

Summer Party at Kevin's: Sept. 2002 (Front row: Yanfei, Jacob, Genesis, Juliana, Carina, Sriram, Brandon; Back row: Raul, Alvaro, Jorge, Kevin, Junko, Anne, Nicanor; Elizabeth took the picture)

At the Int. Conf. on Complex Systems, Quincy, MA, May 2004 (Kevin, Jorge, Burt)

Summer Party at Kevin's 2004 (Front row, left to right: Manuel, Genesis, Alvaro, Junko, Nancy, Carina, Greer, Juliana, Nicanor, Yanfei; Back row, left to right: Zac, Kevin, Jorge, Jake, Gonzalo, Andrea, Raul, Lucy, Burt, Jesus, Yong, Brandon; also present, Elizabeth and Anne)

Summer Party at Kevin's 2005 (Back row, left to right: Kevin, Tom, Jorge, Andrea, Brandon, Kevin, Ted; Second row, left to right: Zac, Anne, Monica, Elizabeth, Juliana, Blanca, Nicanor; Front row, left to right: Jake, Carina, Alvaro, Manuel, Genesis)

Lunch, Jan. 12, 2007 (Left to right, Ted, Nicanor, Ian, Brandon, Kevin, Jorge, Kevin)