ECE Transfer Credit Evaluation

Welcome to OSU. Please read the following information before sending your request for transfer credit evaluation.

  • If you have transfer credit from countries other than China, please send your request to Prof. Keith A. Redmill (Email:
  • If possible, wait until OSU has received all of your transcripts from insitutions you previously attended and transfer credit has been posted on your Transfer Credit Report. This will permit all of your ECE credits to be evaluated at the same time.
  • All the requests need to be sent electronically through email ( It is best to use your OSU email address for all communications with me.
  • Please do NOT put any hard copies of your files into my mailbox in DL205, which may be misplaced or lost. In addition, there is no need to make an appointment with me unless otherwise informed.
  • To speed up the evaluation, please follow the instructions below for writing your email:
    • The title of your email should be "Transfer Credit Evaluation: Firstname Lastname (student ID#)"
    • Please include the following information in your email:
      • Name
      • Student Number
      • Previous University
      • Term/Year admitted to OSU
      • Department/College of enrollment at OSU
      • For each requested ECE transfer
        • Course title and number as in the Transfer Credit Report (e.g. T000.16 ANALOG ELECTRICAL TECHNOL EXP)
        • A copy of course catalog syllabus (including textbook used, amount of time spent on different topics, number of hours of lecture/recitation/lab per week)
  • You will receive an email acknowleging the receipt of your email within two days. Most evaluations will be completed within two weeks. The evaluation result will be sent to you through email. Please do not contact advisors about your ECE course evaluations until you receive the evaluation from me, since advisors have no additional information.