Getting Started with the Silvaco TCAD Software for EE637 and EE734

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The Silvaco TCAD software may be started in different ways. One way is to use a Manager that allows you to start tools such as DeckBuild, DevEdit, and TonyPlot by clicking on icons. The method for starting the Manager is explained here .

Silvaco Tutorial

Another way to start the Silvaco TCAD software is explained in a tutorial written by Silvaco. The tutorial also shows you how to use several useful features of DeckBuild and TonyPlot. A pre-written program deck for simulation of a Lightly Doped Drain (LDD) MOSFET is used as an example in the tutorial.

To take best advantage of the tutorial it is probably best to be simultaneously running Netscape (for reading the instructions) and the various components of the Silvaco TCAD software, as called for in the tutorial.

You should note that it is possible to start the Manager first, and then start the tools called for in the tutorial by clicking on the tool or file icons.

I noticed a few points where the tutorial and example did not exactly agree with each other. Do not let that stop you from proceeding with the tutorial. For one, the command to extract the gate oxide appears to be missing, when you get to that part of the tutorial. The command is actually present at a later point in the example program deck, and you may notice it when you get to that point.

The introductory material and "Chapters" 1 and 2 of the tutorial are most relevant to EE637 and EE734.

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