Fault-Tolerant Control of Automotive Systems
Funded by NSF-GOALI, and by DELPHI Automotive, Inc.
Collaborators: Prof. G. Rizzoni, Mech.Eng, OSU, Dr. Laci Jalics, Delphi Automotive.
Research Scientist:
Dr. Pierluigi Pisu
Graduate students supported:
Siddharth D'Silva (PhD Candidate, supported by DELPHI)
Expected completion of the project: September 2005.
Fault tolerance is a critical element in “by-wire” automotive systems, as complex control and diagnostic strategies are required to guarantee proper vehicle behavior and to prevent system malfunctions. A significant roadblock for safety-critical by-wire systems is the realization of a robust fault-diagnostic strategy that can be accomplished quickly and with limited or no additional hardware. We have investigated the problem of fault detection and isolation for a brake-by-wire system in presence of parameter uncertainty on the brake model. In this case, the main problem lies in recognizing the occurrence of a fault from the nonzero error residual due to the mismatch between the nominal plant model and the actual plant dynamics. We have investigated the design of filters with adaptive thresholds to reduce sensitivity of the fault detection algorithm to parameter uncertainties. Results along these lines are reported in [1], [2], and [3]. Currently, the work focuses on the integration of robust fault detection and robust adaptive control towards the development of fault-tolerant  vehicle control architectures.
Relevant publications:
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