Click on the link below to download MATLAB source code of EMturboGAMP v0.2.

Note 1: The above link does not provide the gampmatlab source code, which must be installed and included on MATLAB's search path in order for EMturboGAMP to function correctly. To download the gampmatlab source code, click here.

If you prefer to always have the most recent version of both gampmatlab and EMturboGAMP, we suggest that you check out the gampmatlab Sourceforge subversion repository. All of the latest turboGAMP code is included as a subdirectory of the main gampmatlab trunk. To checkout the latest revision of the gampmatlab code, at a linux/unix command line prompt, execute the following:
svn checkout svn:// gampmatlab-code

Code contributions to either the gampmatlab or turboGAMP projects are highly welcome! For more information, contact Justin Ziniel.

Note 2: To obtain the latest functionality, we highly recommend using the Sourceforge gampmatlab repository to obtain the most up-to-date EMturboGAMP-related code (see above). Both gampmatlab and EMturboGAMP are in active development, with new features, bug fixes, and improvements being added all the time. This means that the .zip file available for download here may (unfortunately) lag behind the most recent EMturboGAMP modifications.