A first draft describing our GrAMPA work has been posted on the arXiv. This page provides complementary information. Check back soon for updates, more examples, and videos of GrAMPA in action.


GrAMPA is an extension of the Approximate Message Passing (AMP) algorithm to solve the "analysis" compressive sensing (CS) problem. In the classical "synthesis" CS problem, one seeks a sparse coefficient vector that matches a set of linear measurements. In the "analysis" CS problem, one instead seeks a (nonsparse) signal vector matches a set of linear measurements while being cosparse in a linear transformation (the analysis operator).


Please contact the authors with questions or comments about GrAMPA.


Support for this project was provided by NSF grants CCF-1018368, CCF-1218754, and by DARPA/ONR grant N66001-10-1-4090

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