High-Speed Heterostructure Devices
Patrick Roblin and Hans Rohdin

Additional Lecture Material:
  1. Impact of Magnetotransport on the threshold of a RTD
  2. Magnetotransport and phonon scattering in RTDs

Time is but the stream I go fishing in. David Thoreau

Excerpt from the Book Introduction:

Consider the simple pastoral scene of a lake with a waterfall on one side and a small creek on the other. There is clearly a continuous flow of water from the waterfall, through the lake and into the creek. However if the lake is very wide, the water drift might not even be perceptible to a fisherman on its bank fishing for trouts. However a fly-fisherman fishing in the creek will see his dry fly quickly drift away and will need to recast his line often. If a red dye or some kind of liquid trout food is poured in the lake at one spot we can expect it to slowly diffuse and spread throughout the lake. A drift diffusion model applies therefore well to the lake area. On the other hand, no dye is expected to be able to diffuse up the waterfall into its upper reservoir. Clearly the waterfall is operating under a ballistic mode.

The above scene in the Ozarks where the first author loves to spend time fishing with his father-in-law Rudy Torrini , inspired this description.

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