High-Speed Heterostructure Devices
Patrick Roblin and Hans Rohdin

Table Of Contents:
  1. Introduction on Heterostructure Devices
  2. Semi-classical Theory of Heterostructures
  3. Quantum Theory of Heterostructures
  4. Quantum Heterostructure Devices
  5. Scattering Processes in Semiconductor Heterostructures
  6. Scattering Assisted Tunneling
  7. Frequency Response of Quantum Devices from DC to Infrared
  8. Charge-control of the Two Dimensional Electron Gas
  9. High Electric Field Transport
  10. Current Voltage Models of the MOSFET/MODFET
  11. The Long Channel MOSFET/MODFET Wave-Equation
  12. The Short Channel MOSFET/MODFET Wave-Equation
  13. Electrothermal Modeling of FETs
  14. Analytic DC Analysis of Short-Gate State-of-the-Art MODFET
  15. Small-Signal AC Analysis of the Short-Gate Velocity-Saturated MODFET
  16. Gate Resistance and the Schottky-Barrier Interface
  17. MODFET High-Frequency Performance
  18. Modeling High Frequency Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors
  19. Practical High-Frequency HBTs

Book Summary:
Fuelled by rapid growth in the communications industry, compound heterostructures and related high-speed semiconductor devices are spearheading the drive toward smaller, faster and lower-power electronics.
High-Speed Heterostructure Devices is a textbook on modern high-speed semiconductor devices intended for both graduate students and practicing engineers. This book is concerned with the underlying physics of heterostructures as well as practical analytical techniques for modeling and simulating these devices. Emphasis is placed on heterostructure devices of the present and of the immediate future such as the MODFET, HBT and RTD. The principles of operation of other devices such as the Bloch Oscillator, RITD, Gunn diode, quantum cascade laser and SOI and LD MOSFETs are also introduced.
Initially developed for a graduate course taught at The Ohio State University, the book comes with a complete set of homework problems and a web link to homework solutions and MATLAB programs supporting the lecture material.

Patrick Roblin is a Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at The Ohio State University.

Hans Rohdin is a member of the technical staff at Agilent Laboratories in Palo Alto, California.

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