Department of Electrical Engineering, The Ohio State University


EE 758 Control Laboratory II

(Real Time Control Software for

Complex Control Systems Development)


Instructor: Prof. Passino, 416 Dreese Labs

GRA Help: V. Gazi and M. Moore

Laboratory: 761 Dreese Laboratory:

Tuesday, 8:30-12:30: Call No. 07153-0

Thursday, 8:30-12:30: Call No. 07154-5

Classroom: 705 Dreese Laboratory: Thursday, 3:30, for both sections


Prerequisites: Knowledge of C programming, signals and systems, and control design. You do not need to have taken EE 757 to take this class. If you took EE 758 in Sp'97 you can also take this course (but in this case see the instructor to work out how to get credit for the class).


Objectives: To develop and implement distributed real-time control systems using the NIST Real Time Control Software (RCS) and to develop control modules using a variety of conventional and intelligent control methods.


Week Class Topic Laboratory Topic


1 RCS Introduction Laboratory hardware

(CMS/NML Overview) (data acquisition card)


2 Programming in the neutral Laboratory software

manufacturing language (NML) (C, C++ programming, OS, network)


3 Writing NML configuration files, Pendulum experiment

RCS diagnostics (controller development)


4 Other classes and functions in the Pendulum experiment

RCS library (RCS implementation)


5 RCS applications (overview and Tank experiment

simulation) (level, temperature controller



6 RCS development project Tank experiment

overview (RCS implementation)


7 Distributed control problem Project: low level control design

(background, real-world details) (distributed control experiment)


8 RCS Design review RCS design/implementation


9 RCS design review RCS implementation and testing


10 RCS design report RCS demonstration