Ohio State University, College of Engineering

Engineers for Community Service (ECOS) Project

Computers and Computer Training for

Centro de Adopciones, Casa de Maria y El Niño Orphanage

Medellín, Colombia, South America

July 29, 31, 2004


ECOS organized and conducted a service project for Casa de Maria y El Nino orphanage in Medellin in Summer 2004. The objective of the project was to provide computer education for the children. This is useful to enhance the education that they receive in a public school, it is an interesting diversion, and it can motivate them to later choose a career in technology or enhance their skills in working in other areas. The project involved acquiring, transporting, and setting up four computers at Casa de Maria. We also trained the children how to use educational and fun software.

Project details are below. First, we show some pictures...

Casa de Maria:

The older (original) part of the orphanage (originally a country home, but now in the El Poblado suburb of Medellin) is shown below. The orphanage has 58 kids in an age range from 0-15 years old.

They added on a few years ago (the red brick part), and this new part has the offices, activity rooms for the kids, and some housing....

A better view of the new part.... and you can see their basketball/soccer/play area in front....

This is the view from the front porch, looking west. There is play equipment for the children. The distant mountains are the western range of the Andes mountains, and Medellin (a city of over 2 million people) is in the valley below and spreads to the sides of the mountain ranges on the east and west. Medellin is called the "city of eternal spring"

The kids were very excited and enthusiastic about learning how to use the computers (childrens faces blurred for their protection). Nicanor is on the right, assisting a group.

Some more pictures of the children working at the computers...

The computers (3 of the four, the other is on a lower table on the right for use by the smaller children) are set up in a library/reading room type area in the lower part of the older part of the orphanage.

Part of the team, left to right: Luis, Kevin, Mauricio, Nicanor, and Jorge...

For more information on the project and team members please click here.