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Course Syllabus To be posted later. Example of how to pass a parameter on the stack (posted later)

A lot of the information for this class will be posted on the Carmen website for this class. To get to it go to, login and select this class. The Carmen pages will have quiz and homework solutions. You will be able to see your own grades there.

Sample programs

File test1.asm that comes with the assembler.
Sample I/O program
Illegal instruction trap

Sample Problems

The first link is just the problems and the second link is the problem with the answers. Try doing them on your own first and then check the answers. These are topics for the first exam but some are little trickier than what I would put on the exam itself.
The problems with answers.

Sample Midterms

Answers to AU 02 midterm

p1, p2, p3, p4

Answers to AU 08 midterm

Au 08 midterm with answers

Sample Final with answers

Below is my final exam for Au 02.

Note typo: In problem 1, part c, BPL should be BEQ instead.
p2 p3 p4 p5 p6

The M68HC11 Simulator and Assembler

The following files are provided for EE265 and EE567. They are password protected. I will give the password to current (sp 10) 265 students in class.

Here is basic information how to load a copy on your own machine:

1. Download the two files in a directory in which you plan to keep the simulator.

2. Unzip the two files.

3. Run setup

Installing this program on the 64 bit version of Vista or windows 7 requires some additional info we will give in class.

An issue seen on the simulator/assemblers in the student labs

Some but not all machines in the public PC labs have a problem with their default memory map settings.

If as soon as you assemble your code you get a message about the INIT vector, then you are having this problem.

One way to check this problem is to type MAP in the commands window. The first line should be "$0000 up to and including $00FF RAM."

More later.

Processor Info From Motorola

Processor Manual from Motorola