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OSU holds hearings on the most important courses to run
If you are graduating from OSU in Electrical Engineering and don't understand this cartoon, tell people you graduated from Michigan.
OSU carefully considers which course to run
Cats are people too.
OSU strives to reduce class size
Quick fix in the AM.
Faculty Interviews
Marcel wouldn't like this.
What I learned from American history.
Isn't medical technology neat?
Hold the starch.
How often have you heard this?
Civil Engineering
I think I know how Picasso invented Cubism
Idealism in the sense of Berkeley.
For the winners.
Thanksgiving cooking advice.
posted 6/26/03
Do animals have a natural instinct for knowing when they are a little off?
Gorilla Of My Dreams
Herod, I'd like you to meet the Magi. Magi, Herod.
Paris says.
There is a 12 ounce glass, see? There is 6 ounces of water in it. You go figure.
Personnel on soft money.
Ever wonder how waitresses get the right dish to the right person?
Technical Presentation.
Trans-species similarity
Copyrighted Material
Delaware County Driving Warning
Look who in the office has a brand new ring?
At first I thought it was really nice of the officer to give me some java at such a difficult time.
Professor Charles Klein, EE Dept, The Ohio State University