My broad research interest lies in the principled design of communication, coding, computing, and caching architectures and algorithms for increasingly more complex networked systems that arise in diverse application domains. In particular, I have worked on a number of research topics that span communication, computing, and storage dimensions. These have been motivated by applications from diverse domains, including wired and wireless computer networks, data center and cloud computing, content distribution networks, social networks, power grids, sensor networks, to name some.

The ideal that drives my research efforts is the well-founded development of efficient, robust, adaptable, and scalable algorithms that achieve provably good performance despite the stochastic and complex dynamics of these computer networks. To that end, I take a theoretically well-founded and holistic approach geared towards the development of methods and principles that are applicable to the aforementioned wide range of application areas. This, in turn, calls for an inter-disciplinary effort across electrical and computer engineering, computer science, mathematics, economics, and operations research.

Ongoing Activity

A subset of my ongoing research projects are on:

  • Caching and content distribution for proactive and information-centric networking (ICN) paradigms

  • Scalable and low-complexity spectrum-access solutions for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) evolution

  • Fast learning methods for efficient millimeter-Wave (mmW) and 5G communication technologies

  • Design and analysis of cross-layer architectures and protocols with Quality-of-Experience (QoE) guarantees

  • Protocol design for distributed and autonomous operation of cyberphysical systems (CPS)

  • Distributed and stochastic optimization methods for parallel processing at data centers