This page shows a shock wave recored on State Highway 99 near Sacramento, CA. The animation on the left shows the disturbance in 1/10 real time, while the animation on the right shows the same data at 4/10 real time. Most of the action happens towards the bottom of the figures, so scroll down. The total distance shown is approximately 250 m and the vehicles disappear after they become untrackable. The left lane is a HOV lane, hence the free flow traffic throughout the sequence. Note that as the stop wave reaches the bottom that it "smears" over from the right lane to the middle lane (because a driver from the on ramp wanted to reach the HOV lane).
= a vehicle that entered in the center lane
= a vehicle that entered in the right lane
= a vehicle that entered from the on-ramp

This sequence was reduced by hand from video, follow this link for a sample frame: Hwy 99 test site

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