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  1. Implicit Regularization in Nonconvex Statistical Estimation: Gradient Descent Converges Linearly for Phase Retrieval, Matrix Completion and Blind Deconvolution
    C. Ma, K. Wang, Y. Chi, and Y. Chen, working paper.

  2. Quantized Spectral Compressed Sensing: Cramer-Rao Bounds and Recovery Algorithms
    H. Fu and Y. Chi, submitted.

  3. Nonconvex Low-Rank Matrix Recovery with Arbitrary Outliers via Median-Truncated Gradient Descent [Arxiv]
    Y. Li, Y. Chi, H. Zhang, and Y. Liang, submitted.

  4. Median-Truncated Nonconvex Approach for Phase Retrieval with Outliers
    H. Zhang, Y. Chi and Y. Liang, submitted.

  5. Stochastic Approximation and Memory-Limited Subspace Tracking for Poisson Streaming Data
    L. Wang and Y. Chi, in revision.

  6. A Nonconvex Approach for Phase Retrieval: Reshaped Wirtinger Flow and Incremental Algorithms
    H. Zhang, Y. Zhou, Y. Liang and Y. Chi, Journal of Machine Learning Research, accepted.

  7. Stable Separation and Super-Resolution of Mixture Models [Arxiv]
    Y. Li and Y. Chi, Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, in press.

  8. Subspace Learning From Bits [Arxiv]
    Y. Chi and H. Fu, IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing, vol. 65, no. 17, pp. 4429-4442, 2017.

  9. Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction for High-Density 3D Single-Molecule Microscopy [Code]
    J. Huang, M. Sun, J. Ma and Y. Chi, IEEE Trans. on Computational Imaging, vol. 3, no. 4, pp. 763-773, 2017.

  10. Low-Rank Positive Semidefinite Matrix Recovery from Corrupted Rank-One Measurements [Arxiv]
    Y. Li, Y. Sun and Y. Chi, IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing, vol. 65, no. 2, pp. 397-408, 2017.

  11. Blind Deconvolution from Multiple Sparse Inputs [Extended]
    L. Wang and Y. Chi, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, vol. 23, no. 10, pp. 1384-1388, 2016.

  12. Kaczmarz Method for Solving Quadratic Equations
    Y. Chi and Y. M. Lu, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, vol. 23, no. 9, pp. 1183 - 1187, 2016.

  13. Guaranteed Blind Sparse Spikes Deconvolution via Lifting and Convex Optimization [Arxiv] [Code]
    Y. Chi, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing - Special Issue on Structured Matrices in Signal and Data Processing, vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 782 - 794, 2016.

  14. Off-the-Grid Line Spectrum Denoising and Estimation with Multiple Measurement Vectors [Arxiv] [Code]
    Y. Li and Y. Chi, IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing, vol. 64, pp. 1257 - 1269, 2016.

  15. Orthogonal Matching Pursuit on Faulty Circuits
    Y. Li, Y. Chi, C-H Huang, and L. Dolecek, IEEE Trans. on Communications, vol. 63, pp. 2541 - 2554, 2015.

  16. Fast Two-dimensional Super-resolution Image Reconstruction Algorithm for Ultra-high Emitter Density [Code]
    J. Huang, K. Gumpper, Y. Chi, M. Sun and J. Ma, Optics Letters, vol. 40, pp. 2989 - 2992, 2015.

  17. Exact and Stable Covariance Estimation from Quadratic Sampling via Convex Programming [Arxiv]
    Y. Chen, Y. Chi and A. J. Goldsmith. IEEE Trans. on Information Theory, vol. 61, pp. 4034 - 4059, 2015.

  18. 3D Multifocus Astigmatism and Compressed Sensing (3D MACS) Based Superresolution Reconstruction [Code]
    J. Huang, M. Sun, K. Gumpper, Y. Chi and J. Ma. Biomedical Optics Express, vol. 6, pp. 902 - 917, 2015.

  19. Compressive Two-Dimensional Harmonic Retrieval via Atomic Norm Minimization [Code]
    Y. Chi and Y. Chen. IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing, vol. 63, pp. 1030 - 1042, 2015.

  20. Robust Spectral Compressed Sensing via Structured Matrix Completion [Arxiv] [Code]
    Y. Chen and Y. Chi. IEEE Trans. on Information Theory, vol. 60, pp. 6576-6601, 2014.

  21. Classification and Boosting with Multiple Collaborative Representations
    Y. Chi and F. Porikli. IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol. 36, pp. 1519 - 1531, 2014.

  22. Resolving Spatial Modes of Lasers via Matrix Completion
    Y. Chi and B. L. Anderson. Optics Letters, vol. 38, pp. 3957 - 3960, 2013.

  23. PETRELS: Parallel Subspace Estimation and Tracking using Recursive Least Squares from Partial Observations [Code]
    Y. Chi, Y. C. Eldar, and R. Calderbank. IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing, vol. 61, pp. 5947 - 5959, 2013.

  24. Sensitivity of Basis Mismatch to Compressed Sensing [Young Author Best Paper Award]
    Y. Chi, L. L. Scharf, A. Pezeshki and R. Calderbank. IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing, vol. 59, pp. 2182 - 2195, 2011.

  25. Training Signal Design and Tradeoffs for Spectrally-Efficient Multi-User MIMO-OFDM Systems
    Y. Chi, A. Gomaa, N. Al-Dhahir and R. Calderbank. IEEE Trans. on Wireless Communications, vol. 10, pp. 2234 - 2245, 2011.

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