Brillson Group FAQs

Do all group members have publications?

Average of 11.3 publications per Ph.D. student or postdoc.

Does your group work internationally?

Conference presentations by students nationally and internationally (most recently, France and Germany).

How many publications does your group have?

Over 330 total publications including 60 published in Physical Review Letters and Applied Physics Letters.

What do Brillson group alumni do now?

Recent graduates/ postdocs working at: Intel, IBM, WaferTech, Headway Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Monsanto, Xylinx Corporation, Air Force Research Laboratory, Traycer Diagnostics

Recent graduates/postdocs now faculty members at: Texas Christian University, Peking University, Youngstown State University

What areas is your research related to?

Research relevant to high-tech industries and government technology. Funded by NSF, DOE, ONR, ARO, DTRA, Honda of America, General Electric