Current Research of Paul R. Berger, Professor

Currently Active Research Projects

1. Si-Based Resonant Interband Tunneling Diodes (RITD) and Quantum Functional Circuits to Extend CMOS

2. Organic Conducting Polymer Flexible Electronics and Foldable Displays and Photovoltaics

3. Nanoelectronics: Quantum Dot/Nanowire Nanoswitches to Replace CMOS

4. Passive Millimeter Wave Imaging for Security and Safety: Si-based Backwards Diode Sensors

5. Molecular Electronics with Quantum Functional Circuit Elements using Conjugated Polymers

Currently Non-Active Research Projects

1. Novel SiGeCSn Materials, Processing and Devices

2. Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Photodiodes

3. Liquid Phase Epitaxy with Rare Earth Elements

4. CVD Growth of Nitrides Using Novel Organometallic Precursors

5. Selective Area Epitaxy and Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits (OEIC)

6. RHEED Studies of Strained Layer Molecular Beam Epitaxy and Self Assembled Quantum Dots

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