Conference Proceedings of Paul R. Berger, Professor

Conference Proceedings and Published Meeting Abstracts

  1. "SiGe Diffusion Barriers for P-doped Si/SiGe Resonant Interband Tunnel Diodes," Niu Jin, Anthony T. Rice, Paul R. Berger, Phillip E. Thompson, Peter H. Chi and David S. Simons, Proceedings of the Eastman Conference on High Performance Devices (August 2002).

  2. "Development of Delta-B/i-Si/Delta-Sb and Delta-B/i-Si/Delta-Sb/i-Si/Delta-B Resonant Interband Tunnel Diodes For Integrated Circuit Applications," Sean L. Rommel, Niu Jin, T. E. Dillon, Sandro J. Di Giacomo, Joel Banyai, Bryan M. Cord, C. D'Imperio, D. J. Hancock, N. Kirpalani, V. Emanuele, Paul R. Berger, Phillip E. Thompson, Karl D. Hobart, and Roger Lake, 58th Annual Device Research Conference in Denver, CO (June 19-21, 2000). PDF (208 kB)

  3. "Si-Based Interband Tunneling Devices For High-Speed Logic and Low Power Memory Applications," Sean L. Rommel, Thomas E. Dillon, Paul R. Berger, Roger Lake, Phillip E. Thompson, Karl D. Hobart, Alan C. Seabaugh, and David S. Simons, Late News in the 1998 International Electron Devices Meeting Technical Digest, pp. 1035-1037 (December 8, 1998). PDF (468 kB)

  4. "Photoluminesence of SiSnC Alloys Grown on (100) Si Substrates," Nareen Wright, Al-Sameen Khan, Paul R. Berger, Fernando J. Guarin, and Subramanian S. Iyer, Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, Vol. 533, pp. 327-332 (1998).

  5. "Ge1-xCx/Si Heterojunction Photodiodes," Xiaoping Shao, S. L. Rommel, B. A. Orner, H. Feng, M. Dashiell, J. Kolodzey, and Paul R. Berger, Proceedings of SPIE's Optoelectronics '97: Silicon-Based Monolithic and Hybrid Optoelectronic Devices, Vol. 3007, pp. 162-169 (1997).

  6. "Equivalent Circuit Modeling of Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Photodiodes with Transparent Conductor Electrodes," Sean L. Rommel, David N. Erby, Wei Gao, Paul R. Berger, G. Zydzik, W. W. Rhodes, H. M. O'Bryan, D. Sivco, and A. Y. Cho, Proceedings of SPIE's Optoelectronics '97: Photodetectors - Materials and Devices II, Vol. 2999, pp. 86-91 (1997).

  7. "Liquid Phase Epitaxial Growth Process of InGaAs on InP with Rare Earth Treatment," Wei Gao, Paul R. Berger, Robert G. Hunsperger, Matthew Ervin, Jagadeesh Pamulapati, Stephen Schauer, and Richard T. Lareau, Proceedings of SPIE's OE/LASE '96 International Symposium, Novel Optoelectronic Materials and Devices in San Jose, CA, Vol. 2685, pp. 171-177 (1996).

  8. "Monolithically Integrated Optical Receivers and Transmitters," D. T. Nichols, W. S. Hobson, P. R. Berger, N. K. Dutta, P. R. Smith, J. Lopata, D. L. Sivco, A. Y. Cho, Institute of Physics Conference Series - Compound Semiconductors , pp. 573-578 (1995).

  9. "Long Wavelength Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Photodiodes with Transparent Cadmium Tin Oxide Schottky Contacts,'' Wei Gao, Al-Sameen Khan, Paul R. Berger, Robert Hunsperger, George Zydzik, H. M. O'Bryan, D. Sivco, A. Y. Cho, Proceedings of the LEOS 1994 Summer Topical Meeting, Lake Tahoe, NV, pp. 63-64 (1994).

  10. "Integrated Optical Receivers and Transmitters for Use in Wide-Bandwidth Optical Transmission Systems,'' D. T. Nichols, J. Lopata, W. S. Hobson, P. R. Berger, P. R. Smith, N. K. Dutta, D. L. Sivco, A. Y. Cho, Proceedings of the 1994 Optical Fiber Communication Conference, San Jose, CA, 4, p. 34 (1994).

  11. "Buried Heterostructure Lasers Using a Single-step Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth Over Patterned Substrates," J. Lopata, N. K. Dutta, W. S. Hobson and P. R. Berger, Proceedings of SPIE, 1676, pp. 117-121 (1992).

  12. "Effects of Substrate Tilting in Substantial Improvement of DC Performance of AlGaAs/GaAs n-p-n DHBT's Grown by MBE,'' Naresh Chand, Paul R. Berger, and Niloy K. Dutta, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 38, pp. 2717-2718 (December 1991). PDF (216 kB)

  13. "Growth Modes of (100) InxGa1-xAs Growth On GaAs/InP Below Critical Thickness - Consequences For Pseudomorphic MODFETs," Paul R. Berger, Y. C. Chen, J. Singh, and Pallab K. Bhattacharya, Institute of Physics Conference Series , No. 106, Ch. 4, pp. 183-188 (1990).

  14. "Investigation of the Interface Region Produced by Molecular Beam Epitaxial Regrowth," D. Biswas, P. R. Berger, U. Das, J. E. Oh, and P. K. Bhattacharya, Journal of Electronic Materials, 17, p. S13 (July 1988).

  15. "In-Situ RHEED Studies to Understand the Dislocation Formation Process in Growth of InGaAs on GaAs," Paul R. Berger, Kevin Chang, Pallab K. Bhattacharya, Jasprit Singh, and K. K. Bajaj, Proceedings of SPIE, 944, pp. 10-13 (1988).

  16. "Molecular Beam Hetero-Epitaxial Growth of Strained InGaAs on GaAs," K. H. Chang, P. R. Berger, R. Gibala, P. K. Bhattacharya, J. Singh, J. F. Mansfield, and R. Clarke, Dislocations and Interfaces in Semiconductors, pp. 157-171, ed. K. Rajan, J. Narayan, and D. Ast, (1988).

  17. "Molecular Beam Heteroepitaxial Growth of InxGa1-xAs/ InxAl1-xAs Multi-quantum Wells On GaAs with in-situ RHEED Studies,'' Kevin Chang, Paul R. Berger, Pallab K. Bhattacharya, Jasprit Singh, D. C. van Aken and R. Gibala, Journal of Electronic Materials , 16 , p. A21 (July 1987).

  18. "Deep Levels in Molecular-Beam Epitaxial InxAl1-xAs/InP," W. P. Hong, S Dhar, P. Berger, A. Chin, P. K. Bhattacharya, Journal of Electronic Materials , 15 , pp. 302-303 (September 1986).

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