Post-Doctoral Researcher Needed

Organic Solar Cells - Plasmonics and Hermetic Sealing

Our goal is to improve flexible organic solar cells efficiency and longevity. A successful candidate should be able to interact with an interdisciplinary team. The researcher will synthesize new materials for solar cells devices and help with the solar cell fabrication and testing.

This is part of a large Ohio-based consortium involving universities and R&D industrial centers.

For further information on the Berger group, see the webpage at:

Knowledge of some materials science and chemistry is preferred. Non-ECE majors are also quite welcome and even encouraged to apply, especially chemistry, materials science, and physics majors.

Position immediately available.

Interested candidates should send their CV and two letters of recommendation to:

Contact: Dr. Paul R. Berger, Professor Department of Electrical Engineering Department of Physics The Ohio State University 205 Dreese Laboratory 2015 Neil Avenue Columbus, OH 43210 USA Direct phone: (614) 247-6235 EE Dept. FAX: (614) 292-7596 Email:

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