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True-time delay for phased array antennas
Optical interconnections
Quality of signal monitoring
Optics of the eye
Spatial modes/spatial coherence
Acousto-optic momentum mismatch
Radiation effects on laser diodes
Fiber splice misalignment losses
Fiber optic microbend sensors
Vertical cavity ring laser
Education: Photonics Laboratory


White Cell True Time Delay Tutorial
White Cell optical interconnection tutorial
How to give technical presentations


Device and method for producing optically-controlled incremental time delays
Device for optical and interconnection
Device and method for producing optically-controlled incremental time delays
Device for optical interconnection
Optical circulator with large number of ports and no polarization-based components
Using fibers as delay elements in optical true-time delay devices based on the White cell
Binary optical interconnection
Using fiber as shifting elements in optical interconnection devices based on the White cell
Optical correlation device and method
Method and Apparatus for monitoring the quality of optical links
Methods, systems, and apparatuses for optically generating time delays in signals
Apparatus and Method for providing Tru Time Delay in Optical Signals Using A Fourier Cell
Spectroscopic Optical System
Optical Spot Displacement Apparatus
Methods, Systems, and Devices for Steering Optical Beams
Apparatus and Method for Providing an Optical Cross-Connect


True Time Delay for Phased Array Antennas:

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Optical interconnection

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Quality of signal monitoring

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Optics of the eye

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Spatial modes and spatial coherence

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Acousto-optic momentum mismatch

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Radiation effects on laser diodes

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Fiber splice misalignment losses

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Fiber optic microbend sensors

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Vertical cavity ring laser

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Education: Photonics Laboratory

B. L. Anderson, L. J. Pelz, S. A. Ringel, B. D. Clymer, S. A. Collins, Jr., “Photonics Laboratory with Emphasis on Technical Diversity,” IEEE Transactions on Education, 41(3), August 1998. pdf




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