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Prospective Students

Due to the heavy load of emails I receive, I am not able to reply to most of the requests I get from students that are not yet accepted in our program. If you want to work in my group, you need to follow the grad rules indicated in the department webpage. In your application form, you should indicate you would like to work with me in the CBCSL lab. If your application is accepted, I'll then have a chance to look at it.

Courses you should take if you want to work in CBCSL

1st year

Fall: ECE 5460, ECE 6001, Math 5101
Winter: Psy 5612, Psy 5618, ECE 7868

2nd year

Fall: Stat 6459, Stat 7620, Stat 6560
Winter: ECE 7001, ECE 7866, Math 5102

3rd year

Stat 7630, Stat 6570, Math 5451
Psy 5606, Psy 5619

Quarter system

1st YEAR:
Fall: ECE 600, ECE 804, Math 601
Winter: ECE 707, ECE 805, Math 602
Spring: ECE 874, ECE 806

2nd YEAR:
Fall: CSE 694, ECE 759
Winter: Math 701, Stat 760
Spring: ECE 863, Stat 656

3rd YEAR:
Fall: ECE 650, Stat 645
Winter: Psych 606, ECE 700 or 779
Spring: CSE 788, Psych 877, Stat 763

Course information is available through Carmen.


About Columbus, OH

This is a vibrant city. If you are new to the city and want to learn more about it, here are some useful links:

- An article in The New York Times.
- City of Columbus webpage.
Our wonderful Metroparks.
The Wexner Center.
- Columbus Museum of Art and COSI
Recreational soprts at OSU.