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Undergraduate Program

Summer 2007: 15 B.S.E.C.E. degrees awarded - 11 specializing in electrical engineering and 4 specializing in computer engineering; 4 students graduated with honors; 3.23 average cumulative gpa.

Autumn 2007: 377 majors enrolled; 26 B.S.E.C.E. degrees awarded - 22 specializing in electrical engineering and 4 specializing in computer engineering; 5 students graduated with honors; 3.13 average cumulative gpa.

Graduate Program

Summer 2007: 9 M.S. degrees awarded; 11 Ph.D. degrees awarded

Autumn 2007: 10 M.S. degrees awarded; 14 Ph.D. degrees awarded; 301 students enrolled of which 177 were in the Ph.D. program.

Research Awards

ECE has received 24 awards from January 1 - February 29, 2008, totalling $3,427,501. (ECE - 18 awards - $2,325,277; ESL - 6 awards - $1,102,224)

Student News

Gokahn Mumcu, was awarded second place in the Best Student Paper Competition at the annual 2008 USNC Radio Science Meeting held in Boulder, CO. His paper was entitled "Miniature Antenna Using Printed Coupled Lines Emulating Degenerate Band Edge Crystals." Gokahn is currently working on his M.S. and will continue towards a Ph.D. in the area of metamaterials. He is co-advised by Drs. Kubilay Sertel and John Volakis.

Christian Austin, Ph.D. student in Signal Processing, participated in the NASA Future Forum 2008 this month. He presented his research "Sparse Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Reconstruction" at the poster session after which he was awarded second prize. Christian is advised by Prof. Randy Moses and is currently funded under the Ohio Space Grant fellowship.

Recent Seminars

OFDMA for Mobile Broadband Wireless Communications (abstract)
Junyi Li, Ph.D.; VP of Engineering, QUALCOMM

eStadium: A Large-Scale Testbed for Research and Applications in Wireless Systems and Applications (abstract)
Edward J. Coyer, Ph.D.; Purdue University

Designing Synthetic Biological Networks (abstract)
Desmond Lun, Ph.D.; MIT

Efficient Distributed Approximation Algorithms for Minimum Spanning Trees (abstract)
Gopal Pandurangan, Ph.D.; Purdue University

Cooperation in Cellular Systems with Limited-Capacity Backhaul and Conferencing (abstract)
Osvaldo Simeone, Ph.D.; New Jersey Institute of Technology


New Faculty and Staff

bullet Atilla Eryilmaz joins the ECE faculty as an assistant professor. He comes to OSU after working two years in the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a postdoctoral associate. His research interests lie in the general area of communicatoin networks with emphasis on sensor and wireless networks; distributed and randomized algorithms; network coding; and the application of optimization theory to network design and analysis. He is particularly interested in the principled development of practical and high-performance network systems based on rigorous mathematical analysis. More about Dr. Eryilmaz.

Prof. Atilla Eryilmaz
Professor Atilla Eryilmaz

Prof. Jin Wang
Professor Jin Wang

bullet Jin Wang's current position at OSU as an assistant professor is co-sponsored by AEP, Duke/Cinergy, First Energy, as well as Ohio State. He received his Ph.D. degree from Michigan State Univ. in 2005. Dr. Wang joined Ford Motor Company, where he worked as core power electronics engineer in the hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) group for two years and established a state-of-the-art power electronics laboratory for HEV development. His research interests span the areas of power electronics circuits and control, power electronics in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, and applications of power electronics in power and high voltage systems.
More about Dr. Wang.

bullet Kristina joined the staff in December 2007, but she has been with the University since 2003.  As the Business Manager, she is responsible for managing all operational, fiscal, and human resources functions for the ECE department and provides oversight for the administrative staff. Kristina also ensures compliance with University policies and procedures, develops department financial controls, and monitors funds. 

Awards and Honors

Molly Wambold and Dean Baeslack
M. Wambold with Dean Baeslack

Above and Beyond Staff Award: The College of Engineering held their Staff Appreciation Luncheon in September. Molly Wambold was honored with the award for her outstanding work in her position at the Electroscience Laborary.

bullet IEEE Honors: Congratulations to Profs. Robert Lee and Joel Johnson on being elected IEEE Fellows. Prof. Lee was cited for his "contributions to finite element and finite difference methods in electromagnetics" while Prof. Johnson was cited for his "contributions to ocean surface remote sensing using microwave systems."

bullet AMTA Awards: We are pleased to announce that the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA)

elected four ESL people as AMTA Fellows: Drs. Dennie Burnside, Jiti Gupta, Leon Peters and Eric Walton. Drs. Teh-Hong Lee and Roger Rudduck were elected AMTA Senior Members. Dr. Gupta was also the recipient of the Distinguished Achievement Award at the annual AMTA meeting held in November of 2007.

bullet Ben Munk, professor emeritus, recieved the 2007 Antennas and Propagation John Kraus Antenna Award from IEEE.

bullet Steve Yurkovich, professor, received the 2007 Outstanding Distance Learning Faculty Award from the General Motors Technical Education Program for exceptional instruction and exemplary delivery of his powertrain control course using distance learning technologies.

bullet Professor Prabhakar Pathak became an ECE Emeritus when he retired in October of 2007. Prof. Pathak received his Ph.D. from OSU in 1973 and joined the faculty in 1981. His research interests include electromagnetic theory, mathematical methods, analysis of practical antenna and scattering problems using asymptotic high-frequency and hybrid computational methods. For Prof. Pathak's retirement event, many of his former advisees attended (photo, right) having travelled from around the world to help celebrate.
Prabhakar Pathak
Professor Emeritus Prabhakar (center front)
with former advisees.

Alumni / Student News and Announcements

Alum elected to National Academy of Engineering (NAE):
Dr. Burn-Jeng Lin (M.S. 1965, Ph.D. 1970) was recently elected to the NAE for his technical innovations and leadership in the development of lithography for semiconductor manufacturing. This is one of the highest recognitions an engineer can achieve. Dr. Lin is the senior director of Nanopatterning Technology at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Taiwan, Republic of China. He was the advisee of emeritus professor, Dr. Stuart Collins.

bullet Scholarship and Fellowship accounts established! Three new development accounts have been estabilished by the EE/ECE Alumni Society to support students in the department. Anyone can contribute to any of these funds either online or by sending a check. Please see our web page for account descriptions and numbers.

bullet Chartering Progress: The EE/ECE Alumni Society Board of Governors/Planning Committee met on Sept. 4, 2007. We now have a draft constitution which we plan to ratify as part of this year's College of Engineering Alumni gathering on Sept. 5-6, 2008. At the same meeting we will be holding our first election of officers. Following the ratification of the constitution and election of officers, the constitution is taken to the OSU Alumni Association Board of Directors for final approval, upon which we officially become an Alumni Society.

bullet Return of the Spring Quarter Student-Alumni rafting trip to New River, West Virginia! The cost will likely be again around $150 per participant -- further details as they are known will be posted on our alumni web page. We will leave around noon on the Friday after final exams, June 6th, and return late Saturday night, June 7th, for those who plan to attend commencement. Contact Prof. Bradley Clymer if you are interested. Photos from last year's event are available on the EE/ECE Student/Alumni group on the Ohio State network on

bullet Chicago area event: Similar to the Texas gatherings we did last year, we are planning to have an EE/ECE Alumni gathering in the greater Chicago area on Thursday, March 13 from 7:30-9:00 pm at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois. Thank you to Jill Brosig (M.S.E.E. 1992) who helped organize the event. If you would like more details or would like to help with the event, please contact us.

bullet Dr. Matthew Ganz was recently named president of Boeing Phantom Works. Dr. Ganz received his Ph.D. in 1986 in electrical engineering at OSU and is the former student of Prof. R.T. Compton (now retired) at OSU-ESL.

bullet Dinner with 12 Strangers event: Last month, the OSU Student-Alumni Council featured a catered dinner with 3 alums, 3 faculty, and 6 students as a mechanism for networking between students, alums, and faculty. A fun and informative time was had by all!

Marlin Thurston Memorial Fund Established


Marlin and Helen Thurston
Dr. Marlin O. Thurston and his wife, Helen,
at 2006 ECE department dinner

bullet The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering would like to express its sorrow upon the death on September 18, 2007 of Marlin O. Thurston, Professor Emeritus.

Dr. Thurston graduated from OSU (Ph.D. Elec Eng) in 1955. From 1946-1952 he served as a faculty member and acting head of the Electrical Engineering Department at the U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology in Dayton, OH. He joined the faculty in the Department of Electrical Engineering at OSU in 1955 as an Associate Professor and was promoted

to Professor in 1959. He served as Chairman of the Department from 1965 to 1977. From 1974 till his retirement in 1982, he held the Robert M. Critchfield Professorship "in recognition of his outstanding achievements as teacher, administrator, researcher, and consultant to industry and government".

During his academic career, Professor Thurston was a specialist in semiconductor and solid-state electronics. His research work won wide recognition including him being named a Fellow by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He was also an excellent teacher, consistently rated near the top in the Department by his students. As the Department Chairman, research activities reached a high level of excellence, and the Department became one of the top rated ones in the nation.

After retiring from OSU, Professor Thurston began working with Dr. Edward Martin, Jr., a cancer surgeon at OSU’s Division of Surgical Oncology, on an electronic device to help surgeons detect cancerous tumors. This work lead to him being named as “Inventor of the Year Finalist” in 1989 by the Intellectual Property Owners Foundation and being given the Central Ohio Technical Achievement Award in 1991. He also received the highest award given to an alumnus of the OSU College of Engineering in 1991: the Benjamin G. Lamme Gold Medal for Meritorious Achievement in Engineering.

bullet The Marlin Thurston Memorial Fund:
At the request of several ECE alumni, the Department has established the Marlin Thurston Memorial Fund to recognize the many achievements of Prof. Thurston as an educator, researcher, and leader. The goal of the Fund is to establish an endowed professorship in the department.  Prof. Thurston’s former students have volunteered to lead the fundraising effort: Dr. John Swartz will chair the effort and Dr. Bami Bastani and Dr. Marv White will also serve. A website will likely be set up to help in the fund raising.  If you are interested in contributing to this fund or helping with the fundraising effort, please contact Margaret Dodd.

We welcome your comments, questions and contributions. If you have information about alumni that you think would be of interest to our readers, please forward them to