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Undergraduate Program

Winter 2008 : 27 B.S.E.C.E. degrees awarded - 24 specializing in electrical engineering and 3 specializing in computer engineering; 4 students graduated with honors; 422 majors; 261 pre-majors

Spring 2008: 60 B.S.E.C.E. degrees awarded - 39 specializing in electrical engineering, 20 specializing in computer engineering and 1 awarded posthumously; 19 students graduated with honors; 432 majors; 207 pre-majors

Graduate Program

Winter 2008: 12 M.S. degrees awarded; 7 Ph.D. degrees awarded; 303 enrolled

Spring 2008: 9 M.S. degrees awarded; 3 Ph.D. degrees awarded; 281 enrolled

Research Awards

ECE received 53 awards from March 1 - May 31, 2008, totalling $3,093,181. (ECE - 26 awards - $1,337,617; ESL 27 awards - $1,755,564)

Recent Guest Speakers

Phase Transitions in Wireless Multi-hop Networks (abstract)
Patrick Thiran, Ph.D.; Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland

Efficient Distributed Optimization of Team Detection Networks (abstract)
O. Patrick Kreidl, Ph.D.; MIT Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems

ECE Reaches Young Students with Hands-On Experiences

Circuit Building
Contact Prof. Anderson for details.

Because of the impending shortage of domestic engineers, and also to address the shortages of women and minorities in engineering, we've started a formal program to involve high school students, as well as their teachers, in learning about what engineering is. We've partnered with the Battelle Engineering Experience (B2e) program and the College of Engineering Outreach Office.

We've also been developing hands-on projects that can be done by high school students. One example that they can complete in a little over an hour is an LED circuit that lights up their initials. The students consider engineering tradeoffs such as high brightness v. battery life, and this circuit is very easy to debug, making it a satisfying experience. More on our outreach efforts.



bullet ECE seniors presented their design projects May 22nd at the First Annual Capstone Showcase hosted by the Engineering Education Innovation Center. Right: Rich Kershaw and Kevin Wells display their 900 MHz Wireless Data Modem design.
1st Annual Capstone Showcase
. 1st Annual Capstone Showcase bullet The ECE student chapter of IEEE hosted a picnic for faculty, staff, and students on May 22. It was held at Fred Beekman Park as a chance for everyone to get together in a social setting and have some fun with games, lots of food, karaoke, a raffle and good friends. The picnic was a huge success and is planned to be an annual event. Left: Prof. Steve Bibyk chats with students Nick Harper and Tim Verret.
bullet American Electric Power CEO, Michael G. Morris, visted campus in April to promote the exchange of ideas across generational lines by presenting The Future of Energy University Listening Tour to engage young voters and encourage them to speak up about their hopes and fears, to share their opinions and ideas, and to hear what it will take to ensure America's energy security while protecting the environment.

While on campus, a tour of the department's High Voltage Laboratory was given to the visiting AEP executives.

Right: Sandy Nessing, Director, Environment & Safety Strategy & Design; Michael Morris, AEP Chairman & CEO; ECE prof. Longya Xu; ECE prof. Jin Wang; Joe Hamrock, President of AEP Ohio.

1st Annual Capstone Showcase

ECE currently has six active MURIs in the department, quite an achievement for a department our size. We have five professors who are either the principal investigator or the OSU team leader of the research projects.

Joel Johnson Randy Moses Steve Ringel Ness Shroff John Volakis
Joel Johnson
Randy Moses
Steve Ringel
Ness Shroff
John Volakis

Joel Johnson, OSU team leader: Optimal Vessel Performance in Evolving Wave Fields. Other schools involved: Univ. of Michigan (lead), Univ. of Washington, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Randy Moses, Principal Investigator: Integrated Fusion, Performance Prediction, and Sensor Management for Automatic Target Exploitation. Other schools involved: MIT, Univ. of Michigan, Boston Univ., Florida State Univ.

Steve Ringel, OSU team leader: Design for Reliability Initiative for Future Technologies - DRIFT. Other schools involved: UC - Santa Barbara (lead), MIT, Univ. of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon Univ., Vanderbilt Univ., NC State

Ness Shroff, Principal Investigator: Modeling, Analysis, and Algorithms for Stochastic Control of Multi-Scale Networks. Other schools involved: MIT, Univ. of IL, Cornell Univ., Univ. of Maryland, Georgia Tech and Purdue Univ. Professor Shroff is also the OSU team leader on a second project: eSensIF: Engineering Sensor Network Structure for Information Fusion. Other schools involved: Penn State (lead), Harvard Univ., Duke Univ.

John Volakis, Principal Investigator: Conformal Antenna Analysis and Design using Novel Electronic Materials. Other schools involved: UC-Irvine, Brown Univ.

Prof. Steve Yurkovich bullet Prof. Steve Yurkovich is the recipient of the "2008 John R. Ragazzini Award in Control Education" of the American Automatic Control Council (AACC). The Ragazzini Award has been given annually since 1979 to recognize outstanding contributions to automatic control education. The citation for Professor Yurkovich reads: "For leadership in control education through curriculum and laboratory development, for contributions in continuing education for control engineers in industry, and for promotion of student involvement in engineering professionalism."

bullet Seven professors and researchers received College of Engineering awards this year. Congratulations to the following people: Hesham El-Gamal - received both the Harrison Award (only one given out in the entire college) and the Lumley Research Award; Kevin Passino - Boyer Award for Teaching Innovation; Randy Moses, Joel Johnson, Eylem Ekici, and Kubilay Sertel - Lumley Research Awards; Andrea Serrani - Lumley Interdisciplinary Research Award.


bullet Save the Date: ALUMNI REUNION WEEKEND 2008: All of our EE/ECE alumni are invited to join us on Friday, September 5 in Dreese Laboratory for some very special events. Please see our Alumni web page for more details on the events and how to register. We look forward to hearing from you!

bullet Chicago Alumni event: This ECE Alumni gathering was held in March at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL, just outside of Chicago. Prof. Clymer presented some slides to department alums on the new alumni society and our goals and had a very active discussion about how they can help the department through recruiting, outreach and other service. Please contact us for any questions or comments.

bullet Congratulations to alums Rob Olmon (BSECE '06) and Paul Birkmeyer (BSECE '07) who were recently named Honorable Mention in the NSF Fellowship competition.

bullet We're looking for alumni news! Over the next several months we will be working on an annually printed alumni newsletter and we'd like your input. If at any time you have information about alumni that you think would be of interest to our readers, please forward them to

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