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Spring 2007

Undergraduate Program

427 students in major, 74 B.S.E.C.E. degrees awarded - 53 specializing in electrical engineering and 21 specializing in computer engineering; 34 students graduated with honors; 3.33 average major gpa; 240 students in pre-major

Graduate Program

15 M.S. degrees awarded; 6 Ph.D. degrees awarded; 242 students in graduate school


Abou-Galala, F., "True-Time All Optical Performance Monitoring by Means of Optical Correlation," Advisor: B. Anderson

Demir, M., "Perturbation Theory of Electromagnetic Scattering from Layered Media with Rough Interfaces," Advisor: J. Johnson

Pachai Kannu, A., "Communications Over Noncoherent Doubly Selective Channels," Advisor: P. Schniter

Palmer, L., "Intelligent Control and Force Redistribution for a High-Speed Quadruped Trot," Advisor: D. Orin

Wilson, J., "Design Techniques for Firstpass Silicon in SOC Tranceivers," Advisor: M. El-Naggar

Youn, H-S, "Development of Unexploded Ordinances (UXO) Detection and Classification System Using Ultra Wide Bandwidth Fully Polarimetric Ground Penetrating Radar," Advisors: R. Lee/C-C. Chen

Recent ECE Dept. Seminars

Energy Band and Equivalent Circuit Methods for Nanoelectronics (abstract)
T. Yamada, Ph.D.; NASA Ames Research Center

Optimized Zero Tracking and Disturbance Rejecting Controllers: The Generalized PID Controller (abstract)
A. Hauksdottir, Ph.D.; University of Iceland


In the News

bullet Introducing Ness B. Shroff, Ph.D: Professor Shroff joins Ohio State as the Ohio Eminent Scholar of Networking and Communications, and Professor of ECE and CS&E. His research interests span the areas of wireless and wireline communication

Prof. Ness Shroff
Professor Ness B. Shroff

networks. He received his Ph.D. degree from Columbia University, NY in 1994. Prior to arriving at Ohio State, he was Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University, and director of CWSA, a university-wide center on wireless systems and applications. More about Professor Shroff.


bullet Dr. Robert S. Chau will be honored at the Buckeye Reunion Luncheon on Aug. 31 as our department's Distinguished Alum for 2007. He is the Director of Transistor Research and Dr. Robert S. Chau is an Intel Senior Fellow, the company’s highest

Prof. Robert S. Chau
Dr. Robert S. Chau

technical position, and the Director of Transistor Research and Nanotechnology at Intel Corporation. Over the past 18 years he has made significant contributions to nine generations of Intel’s high-performance and low-power microprocessor and logic products. More about Dr. Chau.

Student Honors

bullet Titipong Lertwiriyaprapa was selected as one of the three finalists in the 2007 USNC/CNC URSI Student Paper Competition held this summer. The paper was peer-reviewed and then selected by the Panel of Judges to be among the top three out of a record number of high-quality papers submitted to the URSI competition. Titipong is co-advised by Profs. P. Pathak and J. Volakis.

bullet ECE students Ryan Jones and Javier Ramos are the 2007 Everitt Award recipients. The International Engineering Consortium William L. Everitt Student Award of Excellence was created by the International Engineering Consortium (formerly known as the National Engineering Consortium, "NEC") to honor students who are currently completing their Senior year, who rank at the top 10% of their class, and who show evidence of interest in areas of communications and computers, with professional interests and activities. Javier received the BSECE specializing in electrical engineering Spring 2007 and Ryan will graduate Summer 2007 with a BSECE specializing in computer engineering.


R. Jones and J. Ramos
Ryan Jones and Javier Ramos

Research Awards

bullet Over the last three months, there have been 34 awards, totaling $3,061,726. (ECE - 20 awards - $1,478,779; ESL - 14 awards - $1,582,947)

Alumni / Student News and Announcements

bullet OSU Alumni Reunion Weekend is Almost Here! If you are a graduate of EE/ECE from '47 or before, '52, '57, '62, '67, '72, '77, '82, '87, '92, '97, or '02, please join us for an evening of special events here in ECE on Friday, September 7th. Following the college of engineering events we will have tours of two amazing facilities followed by a BBQ dinner where you can mingle and catch up with former classmates. If you would like to attend, there is no cost, but we do need you to let us know that you are coming. Please contact Carol at 614.292.7392 or to RSVP by August 31, or if you have any questions.

ECE student/alumni rafting trip 6/07

bullet What a ride! In the photo above, Mark Oles, Bradley Clymer, Girish Balakrishnan, and Laura McCabe braved the spring rafting trip to the New River in West Virginia arranged through the OSU Adventure Recreation Center (ARC). Be sure to watch for future gatherings of the EE/ECE alumni and students.

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