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Winter 2007

Undergraduate Program

443 students in major, 6.5% minority, 6.5% female, 38 B.S.E.C.E. degrees specializing in electrical engineering awarded, 5 B.S.E.C.E. degrees specializing in computer engineering awarded;11 students graduated with honors; 5 students graduated with distinction; 3.23 average major gpa; 265 students in pre-major

Graduate Program

12 M.S. degrees awarded, 6 Ph.D. degrees awarded


Recent Talks


Boundary Control of PDEs and Applications to Flows and Flexible Structures (abstract)
M. Krstic, Univ. of CA - San Diego

Adventures in 3-D Face Recognition (abstract)
K. Bowyer, Univ. of Notre Dame


Robust Maximum Principle and its Applications to LQ-Differential Games and Stochastic Control (abstract)
A. Poznyak, Dept. Control Automatico

Density functional theory for CMOS technology (abstract) A. Demkov, Univ. of Texas - Austin

Cochlea-inspired RF and Microwave Channelizing Filters for Wideband Communications Systems (abstract)
C. Galbraith, Univ. of Michigan

Advanced Packaging Technology Solutions for RF System Miniaturization (abstract) T. Kamgaing, Intel Corporation

2.5-D Miniature Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Circuits (abstract)
K. Vanhille, Univ. of Colorado - Boulder

Static Analysis of High Level System Descriptions for Taming Verification Complexity (abstract) S. Vasudevan,
Univ. of Texas - Austin

High Voltage based Power Electronics (abstract) J. Wang, Ford Motor Company

Achieving Secure Communication Over Wireless Channels (abstract) Y. Liang, Princeton University


MOSCAPs and MOSFETs on III-V Channel Materials with Si, Ge and SiGe Interface Passivation Layer (abstract) J. Lee, Univ. of Texas - Austin

Physics and Technology of Nanocrystalline Silicon for Solar Energy Conversion (abstract)
V. Dalal, Iowa State University


Waveform Design for Radar Imaging (abstract) M. Cheney, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Modeling Wireless Sensor Networks (abstract)
B. Krishnamachari, Univ. of Southern CA

In the News

bullet Researcher to Make Supercomputers Even Faster
Professor Umit Catalyurek has earned one of NSF's Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) awards, which recognize a young researcher's dual commitment to scholarship and education. He will receive $400,000 in funding over five years for an ambitious project titled “Scalable combinatorial scientific computing.” Catalyurek will use the award to design efficient algorithms to enable increasingly large parallel computing systems to solve ever more complex scientific problems. Read the full article, by Holly Wagner. Professor Catalyurek is also a professor in the Department of Biomedical Informatics.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will hold its third Grand Challenge Competition
on Nov. 3, 2007. The DARPA Urban Challenge features autonomous ground vehicles conducting simulated military supply missions in a mock urban area. The selection process for teams to enter the competition required that a 5-minute video of the status ofOSU-ACT developments on each car be
submitted. View the OSU-ACT video. As a result of the video, OSU-ACT was recently informed that they have been selected for a Site Visit in June and is one of only 53 remaining teams in the multi-stage selection process. The OSU-ACT team is led by Prof. Umit Ozguner.

Research Awards

bullet Prof. Len Brillson was recently awarded a $966,120 grant from the Office of Naval Research to study "Multifunctional Oxide Materials, Their Application and Devices (MFMA)". This is work in collaboration with Profs. John Volakis (Director, ESL) and Henk Verweij (MSE). This is an initiative to "leverage Ohio strengths in nanoceramics, magnetics, and telecommunications into state-of-the-art, revolutionary electronics technology," including ultrasensitive RF communications and high temperature active electronics. This work is in collaboration with several Central Ohio companies.

bullet Over the last three months, there have been 21 awards, totaling $2,345,225. (ECE - 10 awards - $1,626,936; ESL - 11 awards - $718,289)

Faculty Honors

Prof. Steve Yurkovichbullet Prof. Steve Yurkovich was named Acting Director of OSU's Center for Automotive Research. He has been the Education Director of CAR for approximately eight years. In his research, funded by General motors and other automotive companies, he supervises students in ECE and ME and publishes in the area of automotive powertrain control.

bullet The Antenna Measurement Techniques Association Board of Directors will present Dr. Jiti Gupta the organization's prestigious 2007 Distinguished Achievement Award.

bullet Congratulations to Prof. Wu Lu who has recently been promoted to Associate Professor. Professor Lu's research interests include nanofabrication and nanoelectronics, III-nitride high power and low noise electronics, high speed III-V compound semiconductor devices and circuits for microwave and optoelectronic applications, and high speed SiGe devices for wireless communications.

bullet ECE has been very successful this year in winning College of Engineering awards:
LUMLEY RESEARCH AWARDS - Profs. Yuan Zheng, Kevin Passino, Mohammed Ismail, Andrea Serrani, and researcher Dr. Bob Burkholder; INNOVATORS AWARD - Prof. Betty Lise Anderson; LUMLEY INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH AWARD - Prof. Umit Ozguner; DIVERSITY EXCELLENCE AWARD - Prof. Joe Cruz. Congratulations to everyone!

Student Honors

bullet Ms. Dongmin Liu (W. Lu, advisor) is one of the winners of the Presidential Fellowship Award. According to the Graduate School, "...these fellowships recognize the outstanding scholarly accomplishments and potential of graduate students entering the final phase of their dissertation research or terminal degree project..."

bullet Congratulations to James Bontempo, M.S. (D. Kasten, advisor), who recently won the Graduate Associate Teaching Award (GATA). Out of approximately 2500 GTAs in the whole university, only 10 awards are given.

bullet The MRS Entrepreneurship Challenge Competition grand prize of $3,000 was awarded to the team led by Ph.D. student Lee Mosbacker (M.S.E.E. '06, L. Brillson, advisor). The award-winning business plan is entitled: "0.3 to 1THz Array Sensor for Medical Imaging Based on a Spintronic Functional Polymer." The purpose of the competition is to show attendees how MRS members develop the entrepreneurial skills that get their ideas out of the lab and directly into the marketplace. The three finalist teams pitched their materials technology based business plans to a panel of seven judges from the venture capital community.

Alumni Announcements

Book written by S.F. Singer and published by Rowman & Littlefieldbullet Alum S. Fred Singer, Ph.D. (B.E.E. '43), President of the Science & Environmental Policy Project in Arlington, VA, has co-authored a new book which made it to the NY Times Best Seller List shortly after it was published. The technical book, titled "Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 Years" is published by Rowman & Littlefield (2007).

bullet The SNA CGOA is hosting a golf outing in honor of Lt. Matt Williams (B.S.E.C.E. '03) who passed away last year after a courageous battle with lymphoma. The outing will be at Reid North Golf Course on Friday, June 22, 12:30. Cost is $55/person and includes golf, cart, steak dinner, and prizes. Please RSVP to Lt. Bill Keichel or call (937) 656-5860. Payment is due on or before Fri, June 8.

bullet OSU and the Ohio State Alumni Association offer the Lifetime E-mail Forwarding Service to all OSU alumni and retirees. The service allows e-mail sent to your OSU e-mail address to be forwarded to the e-mail account of your choice. See the e-mail Forwarding Service web site.

bullet Engineering Career Services: If you have graduated in the last twelve months, you are still eligible for all ECS services. If you have graduated from the College of Engineering over one year ago, you are still eligible for some services, such as the Buckeye Alumni Job Board and NACElinkConnect.

Winter 2007 Ph.D. Dissertation Titles

Q. Chen, "Studies in Autonomous Ground Vehicle Control Systems," Advisor: U. Ozguner

J. Finke, "Stable Emergent Ideal Free Distributions," Advisor: K. Passino

Y. Lin, "Science and Applications of III-V Graded Anion Metamorphic Buffers on INP Substrates," Advisor: S. Ringel

Y. Liu, "Applications of Wireless Communication in Traffic Networks Using a Hierarchical Hybrid System Model," Advisor: U. Ozguner

W. Yan, "Multilevel Sliding Mode Control in Hybrid Power Systems," Advisor: V. Utkin

P. Zhang, "Circuit and System Design for Fully Integrated CMOS Direct-Conversion Multi-Band OFDM Ultra-Wideband Receivers," Advisor: M. El-Naggar



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