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Summer 2006

Undergraduate Program

156 students active in major, 3.8% minority, 10.2% female, 10 B.S.E.C.E. degrees specializing in electrical engineering awarded, 6 B.S. E.C.E. degrees specializing in computer engineering awarded; 5 students graduated with honors; 1 student graduated with distinction; 3.26 average gpa over all; 358 students active in pre-major

Graduate Program

16 M.S. degrees awarded, 8 Ph.D. degrees awarded


K. Azarian Yazdi, "Outage Limited Cooperative Channels: Protocols and Analysis ," Advisor: H. El-Gamal

X. Chen, "Robust Nonlinear Trailing Control for Multiple Mobile Autonomous Agents Formation," Advisor: A. Serrani/H. Ozbay

P. Janpugdee, "The UTD Ray Description for the Collective Fields Radiated by Large Antenna Phased Arrays on a Smooth Convex Surface," Advisor: P. Pathak

X. Liu, "Partial Discharge Detection and Analysis in Low Pressure Environments," Advisor: D. Kasten/S. Sebo

S.K. Myoung, "Low Frequency Feedforward and Predistortion Linearization of RF Power Amplifiers," Advisor: P. Roblin

S.M. Seo, "A Fast IE-FFT Algorithm for Solving Electromagnetic Radiation," Advisor: J.F. Lee

Y. Tian, "Energy-Efficient Computation and Communication Scheduling for Cluster-Based In-Network Processing in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks," Advisor: F. Ozguner/E. Ekici

M. Zhu, "A Study of the Generalized Eigenvalue Decomposition in Discriminant Analysis," Advisor: A. Martinez


Dr. Robert Lee

bullet Dr. Rob Lee to become new Department Chair
OSU is pleased to announce that Dr. Rob Lee has been named chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, effective January 1, 2007. Professor Lee joined OSU in 1990 and is currently the graduate studies chair in ECE. His research interests are in the development and application of finite element and finite difference methods for electromagnetic applications. Please see the formal announcement of Prof. Lee's appointment for more details. (Dr. Robert Lee, pictured right.)

bullet OSU joins the NSF ConnectionOne Center: The ConnectionOne Center provides a unique opportunity to recruit and attract top graduate students trained on all aspects of Electromagnetics, Wireless Communications, and Radio Frequency (RF) Systems, and to take advantage of research results carried out at OSU ConnectionOne Website hosted by The ElectroScience Laboratory of The Electrical & Computer Engineering College at The Ohio State University. (More details).

bullet The combined Annual Report for years 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 is now available in .pdf format on the ECE department's web site under 'About Us.' If you would like a hard copy of the report, please email Carol Duhigg.

bulletThank you to everyone who showed interest in the New Alumni Society for OSU EE/ECE Department graduates that Prof. Bradley Clymer (OSU degrees BSEE 1981, MS 1982) is organizing. We are planning to have a Board of Governors meeting for the Society to kick off the chartering process on December 28, 2006. The Chartering process is expected to take two years to complete, but we plan to begin activities and projects much sooner than that. The beginning phase requires the establishment of a Constitution and an IRS 501 (c) (4) filing status. Those who are interested should send an email to or can phone Prof. Clymer at 614.292.3477.

Dr. Robert Leebullet Recently, OSU alum Thomas Woodson (M.S. in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, 1936) came to Dreese Labs while visiting from Los Angeles. Dr. Woodson's accomplishments include 25 patents with GE, teaching at UCLA and Harvey Mudd, travelling around the world for UCLA and the Agency for International Development, and starting Habitat for Humanity in the Pomona area while in his 80's. He also authored the college textbook, "Design Engineering," and was given an award by the Valley Forge Foundation as one of the top engineering educators for his work in starting the Engineering Clinic at Harvey Mudd.
Photo: 1936 alum, Thomas Woodson, visits ECE (L to R: Craig Woodson, Thomas Woodson, Yuan Zheng, Interim Chair)

Dr. C. Emre Koksal

bullet Welcome to Dr. Can Emre Koksal, assistant professor in ECE. Professor Koksal received his Ph.D. from MIT and comes to us from the School of Computer and Communication Sciences in Switzerland where he worked as a Senior Researcher. Some of his research interests include wireless communication networking, high speed electronic and optical switches, performance analysis, and financial systems. For more information on Dr. Koksal, visit his web site .

Mr. Brian Endres

bullet Mr. Brian Endres is our new Academic Advisor and specializes in working with students who wish to enter the ECE major but are still working on their prerequisite courses. Brian was a teacher in the Columbus School system and will continue to utilize those skills as he teaches the ECE Survey course (see IEEE item below) in addition to assisting our many students in the pre-major.

bullet A splendid program established by the IEEE Student Chapter at Ohio State highlighted the seven academic areas represented within the ECE Department. The purpose of the event is to educate the ECE underclassmen as to the opportunities within each ECE discipline. Each hour long presentation included a professor to present the big picture of the area, the curriculum offered and their specific research. Thereafter, an upperclassman shared their motivation for selecting that area and the electives they found useful. Next a graduate student discussed their reasons for pursuing an advanced degree and the types of research they were performing. Lastly, where possible geographically, an industrialist shared their real-world view of the discipline and the types of daily activities they performed.

The attendance was quite high again this year as the Freshman program required that they attend at least one session. Also, the IEEE offered free pizza and pop, which always draws a crowd.

Dr. Prabhakkar Pathak

bullet Professor Prabhakar Pathak will be retiring from OSU on December 31, 2006 after being with the department for over 30 years. His research interests include electromagnetic theory, mathematical methods, analysis of practical antenna and scattering problems using asymptotic high-frequency and hybrid computational methods. Professor Pathak has received several awards and honors, is involved in many service activities, and is highly published. For more information on Professor Pathak, visit his web site.

Honors and Awards

bullet Ph.D. student, Seok Joo Doo, was recently awarded the IEEE ARFTG Fellowhip at the group's most recent conference. The award is based on Seok's recent research accomplishments and a short research proposal he submitted for this year's international fellowship competition. The fellowhip will provide him with $5,000 to support his Ph.D. research and he will present his resulting work at the next ARFTG conference.


bullet A new book, authored by John L. Volakis, Kubilay Sertel and Brian C. Usner, entitled "Frequency Domain Hybrid Finite Element Methods For Electromagnetics" is now available from Morgan and Claypool Publishers.

Please use the links to view other publications: Journal Articles, Books, Book Chapters

Recent Talks

bullet Fingerprints: Proving Ground for Pattern Recognition (abstract)
Anil K. Jain, Ph.D., Department of CSE, Michigan State University

bullet Slightly Frequency-Shifted Reference Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Radio (abstract)
Dennis L. Goeckel, Ph.D., Department of ECE, University of Massachusetts

bullet Automotive Applications of Neural Networks (abstract)
Danil Prokhorov, Ph.D., Toyota Tech Center - USA

bullet On Scalable Transmission Algorithms with Data-loss Tolerance and QoS Guarantees in Wireless Ad-hoc or Sensor Networks (abstract)
Sami Ayyorgun, Ph.D., Los Alamos National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy

bullet Beamforming for Wideband Phased Arrays: Time and Frequency Considerations (abstract)
Ruth Rotman, M.Sc., Elta Electronics Industries, Israel

We welcome your comments, questions and contributions. If you have information about alumni that you think would be of interest to our readers, please forward them to Look for our next issue later this quarter.

ECE Electronic Newsletter editorial staff: Umit Ozguner, Carol Duhigg, Paul Berger, Bradley Clymer