• Accelerating radar imagery with GPUs

    GPU-accelerated radar imaging

    By programming graphics processors with the NVIDIA CUDA framework, IPS researchers accelerate the formation of such all-weather day-night imagery by a factor of 50x.

  • Horseshoe Stadium SAR image

    Seeing the Horseshoe with electromagnetic eyes

    This synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image shows the reflectivity of the Ohio Stadium (the 'Shoe) and surrounding campus to radio waves at 10 GHz.

  • Kansei sensor testbed

    Kansei sensor testbed

    At-scale experiments of sensor networks deployed in the field can be performed and studied on this testbed, directed by CSE Professor Anish Arora.

  • Wireless biosensors

    Wireless biosensors

    Wireless biosensors aid stress studies at National Institutes of Health.

Information Processing Systems Lab

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The Information Processing Systems (IPS) Laboratory in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The Ohio State University is a collaborative of faculty and students conducting research in communications, networking, signal processing and information theory. Our investigations span theorems to bits, with theory and experimental systems serving to reinforce each other for high-impact contributions. Overviews of ongoing research projects are provided under Research.

Currently, the Lab includes 10 faculty members, six research scientists and postdoctoral students, two staff members, and over 40 graduate and undergraduate students.

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