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Information Electronics Research Group
in the Department of Electrical Engineering
at The Ohio State University

     Information Electronics combines the most recent innovations in Information Processing with the actual realization of System-level Electronics. System Electronics requires the design and development of Analog, Digital, and Software aspects of Embedded Systems such as for the overall activity in the physical layer development of Networking for the Embedded System Information Super Highway. We often reformulate the overall system descriptions and algorithms to be consistent with the realities and limitations of high performance, mixed signal circuits. Embedded System Networking involves a surprisingly large number of analog Input/Output (I/O) issues. 

     A good system testbed that manifests these issues is a Wireless Sensor Node in an embedded network. Such a node contains a variety of Codecs (coder/decoder blocks) to bridge the Analog and Digital domains. We put a major emphasis on placing our design ASICs into actual systems for evaluation and cataloguing. In addition, our students often participate in strategic internship programs that are aligned with their research training and writing.

     Given the sheer amount of effort involved in System-on-chip methods for embedded system networking, we work with a variety of groups at other universities, government laboratories, and industrial R & D teams. For example, building a miniature embedded system, such as a hearing aid to selectively filter out someone's voice (such as an overbearing mother-in-law), requires creative innovation in information processing, cutting edge circuit design, and people-skills. Interestingly, many difficult sensing tasks share this common aspect of dual innovation in Information and Electronics. 
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    What we do        Information is available on the following
  • Analog and digital design and development for embedded systems

  • Software design and development for embedded systems

  • Produce ASICs that are interfaced to microcontrollers

  • Develop new methods of combining mixed signal HDL descriptions with chip layout descriptions


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380 Caldwell Laboratory 
The Department of Electrical Engineering 
The Ohio State University 
2015 Neil Ave. 
Columbus, OH 43210-1272 
(614) 688-3536 
FAX: (614) 292-7596
Email ie-owner@ece.ohio-state.edu


(Mixed Signal Electronic 
System Laboratory)


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