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Welcome to the HPCNL!

The High Performance Computing and Networking Laboratory (HPCNL) is a part of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The Ohio State University. The research performed in the HPCNL lab covers the following areas:

  • Real Time Parallel/Distributed Computing.
  • Inter-Vehicle Communication Systems.
  • Wireless Sensor and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
  • Resource Management in Real-Time and Distributed Systems.
  • Parallel Algorithms.
  • QoS Management in Control Applications, Multimedia Systems, and Web Servers
Visit our projects page for more information on research projects currently underway and the people page for a list of professors and students currently working with the HPCNL. For a listing of publications generated by the lab, visit our publications page.

The HPCNL in the ECE Dept. at OSU

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Updated 12/15/2004