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Joining HKN

     Membership in Eta Kappa Nu is by invitation only.  HKN holds initiation ceremonies every spring semester.  Shortly before the scheduled initiation date each semester, candidates will receive a letter from HKN indicating that they are invited to join.  HKN looks for juniors and seniors in electrical engineering who meet certain GPA requirements (varies by semester).  These students must also be judged to have outstanding character and a desire to strive for improvement both in their field and in other areas of their lives.  Students meeting these requirements are invited to join.  There is a one-time initiation fee for lifetime membership.  Those who decide to join must pay the membership fee, take an initiate test, and attend an initiation ceremony in order to become active members.

     Eta Kappa Nu is widely recognized throughout the field of electrical engineering, both academically and in industry.  By joining, you become a member of a very select group of electrical engineers.  It is truly an honor to belong.  Its small size allows you to really get to know the other members, and you will meet faculty members outside of class, as well as industry representatives, by attending HKN meetings.  You can run for office in the organization to exercise your leadership skills and develop your relationships with the faculty and staff of the department.  You will also volunteer your time in the tutor room, helping beginning electrical engineers with their first courses.  You get the most out of your membership by being involved with the organization, but membership is lifelong regardless of participation.


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