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      Eta Kappa Nu is the honorary for Electrical & Computer Engineers.  Being engineers, we often use the acronym HKN.  Our chapter here at The Ohio State University is one of many across the country which form a national organization.  The purpose of HKN is to recognize outstanding juniors and seniors in Electrical Engineering.  HKN also promotes better communications and relationships between faculty and students as well as among students.

      Tutoring is our main service and is free to all beginning Electrical & Computer Engineering undergraduates.  Our Tutor Room is located in Caldwell 267, by the bridge over Neil Avenue, and close to the Electrical & Computer Engineering student lounge.  There, our members offer help through the first several critical courses in the curriculum.  The tutor room is open five days a week during regular class hours.

Tutor Room





      To contact us, please email the president Lucas Newton or the vice president Trevor Dean.



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