Mechatronics / Electromechanical Systems


Program Members and Site Directors:

         Ali Keyhani, The Ohio State University, Director

         Scott Sudhoff, Purdue University, Site Director

         Prasad Enjti, Texas A & M University, Site Director

         Hamid Toliyat, Texas A & M University, Site Director

         Elias Strangas, Michigan State University, Site Director

         Steven Pekarek, University of Missouri-Rolla , Site Director

         Ahmed Rubaai, Howard University, Site Director

The Ohio State University

Program Research Directors

-Alphabetically sorted-

 Professor Raza Abhari: Various areas of aerodynamics,heat transfer, vibration and instrumentation of gas turbine components; including the design of turbomachinery airfoils, the heat transfer and the cooling of turbine blades, and the forced reponse vibration of turbine and compressor bladings.

 Professor Gerald Baumgartner: His research interest is to design better modularization constructs (modules, classes, etc.) to facilitate the construction and maintainance of large programs. He tries to combine the best ideas for such constructs from functional and object-oriented languages and incorporate them into production languages.

 Professor Donald Kasten:   Neural networks applied to transformer protection. Welding transformer design and magnetic flux density distributions in AC substations .    Other research topics include: Electric Fields in AC substations and in HVDC converter stations, design and performance of AC substation grounding grids and electric field effects from hybrid transmission lines.

   Professor Ali Keyhani: Electric Machines: Design, Finite Element Analysis, Modeling and Control. Electro-mechanical (Mechatronic) Systems: Design, Modeling, Failure Detection, and Control.  Power Electronic Systems: Rapid Prototyping using hardware in the loop test Testbed, Design andControl of Power Converters and Electric Drives. Power Systems Control: Market Monitoring and Control of Ancillary Services, Leader Follower Incentive Control,State Estimation, Load Modeling and Forecasting, and Parameter Estimation. Technology Application: Neural Network Modeling, Parameter Estimation, Fuzzy Logic and Control of Electro-mechanical Systems (Variable Speed Drive Systems, Electric Propulsions, Design of Embeded Systems, Electric Compressors, Electric Power Steering Systems).

  Professor Patrick Roblin:   Physics and simulation of quantum heterostructure devices. Non-linear electro-thermal measurement (DC/RF/microwave and pulsed IV/RF).  Modeling of semiconductor devices (MODFET's, SOI-MOSFET, Thyristors/BJT's, and Resonant Tunneling Diodes) and circuits (Active Antennas, Power RF Amplifiers, Power Switching) for applicaitons in teh design of RF/microwave wireless system, and in Smart-Power IC's with reduced RFI.

   Dr. Tomy Sebastian - Adjunct Professor:   Electric machine design. Electric Drives.  Design and Control of Electric Power Steering Systems. Control by wire.

 Professor Vadim Utkin:   Variable Structure Systems and Sliding Mode Control. Control of Induction machines, DC machines, and synchronous drives using sliding mode techniques in metal cuttin machine tools, process control and electric cars.  Control of infinite-dimensional plants (including flexible manipulators), sliding modes in discrete time systems; Microprocessor implementation of sliding mode control, control of electric drives and alternators; robotics and motion control.

   Professor Kambiz Vafai:   Transport through porous media and multiphase transport, natural convestion in complex configurations,analysis of porous insulations, heat flux applications, free surface flows, unconventional heat pipes and thermal analysis of electic machines,electro-mechanical actuators and power electronics.  Basic and applied research in several areas related to heat and mass transfer transport such as Fundamental Aspects of Transport through Porous Media, Natural Convection in Open-Ended Configurations, Condensations and Phase Change, Multiphase Transport through Porous,Media, Heat Pipe Analysis as Applied to Medical and BNCT Applications, Flow and Heat Transfer in Brake Housings of an Aircraft,Heat Transfer and Phase Change Effects on Insulation and Partial Insulations and Free Surface Analuysis in regular and porous media.

   Professor Longya Xu: Variable speed drive and generating systems.  Optimal design of electric machines using finite element method.  Power electronic device characterization and power circuit synthesis, analysis and application, on-time digital signal processor application to variable speed systems.  Advanced control theory application to variable speed systems .


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